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Political Research Exchange

Formulating a Model Template to Analyse Foreign Policy Crises

Aydin Sihmantepe
Yıldız Technical University
Aydin Sihmantepe
Yıldız Technical University

The literature, formed by the current theoretical and empirical discussions on the definition and analysis as well as the decision making process of foreign policy crises, seems to focus on establishing a common crises management model mostly disregarding difference in level posed by international and foreign policy crises. Scholars such as Charles Hermann, Michael Brecher and Alexander L. George have worked through crisis analyses and management strategies to come up with an explanatory connection between theory and practice. This paper is an outcome of a research project aiming to collect and classify Turkish foreign policy crises. Within a conceptual and theoretical approach, it targets to determine Turkey’s crises management culture through a model template that can easily be applied to analyze various foreign policy crises. It attempts to determine what the dependent and independent variables are and how they influence the crisis management.
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