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Political Research Exchange

Ideological Radicalism and Anti-democratic Views: A Comparative Study of New Democracies

Comparative Politics
Political Sociology
Willy Jou
Waseda University
Sejin Koo
University of California, San Diego
Willy Jou
Waseda University

In contrast to established democracies where most citizens take their existing political system as a given, democratic principles and procedures are a subject of political debate in many countries where authoritarian rule is within recent memory. In the latter cases, ideological orientations may still be structured by a 'regime cleavage', that is, disagreements about the merits of democratic institutions or evaluations of the previous regime, rather than bread and butter issues. While a number of authors have attributed this to elite mobilization in new democracies, the present paper approaches this topic from the perspective of ordinary citizens. Against the background of a higher proportion of citizens who identify with radical ideological positions in new democracies, we analyze cross-national survey data to explore the extent to which such radical opinion is associated with anti-system attitudes and, if
so, whether this applies equally to the radical right and left.
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