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The European Union and Beyond

Linking the EP as a Stepping-Stone? The Work of Luxembourgish MEPs through the Prism of their Career Goals

European Politics
European Union
Anna-Lena Högenauer
University of Luxembourg
Anna-Lena Högenauer
University of Luxembourg
Panel EU Politics

The literature on political careers points towards a shift in the career patterns of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) over time. While politicians tended to make a clear choice between a European career or a domestic career, the more recent literature argues that domestic and European career paths are increasingly intertwined. However, how MEPs view a European career can be expected to have an impact on how they exercise their representative functions.
This paper asks to what extent the career plans of Luxemburgish MEPs influence their work in the EP. It first analyses the career trajectory of Luxembourgish MEPs since 1979 to establish to what extent the EP was seen as a career goal, a stepping-stone or a retirement option, and whether there has been a shift in career choices over time. It then analyzes to what extent this is linked to the work-patterns of MEPs in the EP.
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