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ECPR Standing Group on the European Union 10th Biennial Conference LUISS, Rome

Why Senators in the Czech Republic do not fulfill their Pre-Electoral Pledges?

Comparative Politics
Jaroslav Bílek
Palacký University
Jaroslav Bílek
Palacký University

This paper seeks to explain why MPs in upper parliament chamber in the Czech Republic don´t fulfil their pre-electoral pledges. For this purpose, I using an ordered logit regression and analyze 21 951 votes of the individual MPs between 2014-2016. The analysis is concentrated on eight most prominent explanatory factors derived from the previous research about the fulfilment of the pre-electoral pledges. Instead of looking at party manifestos I use personal statements of MPs as recorded in the Czech web-based voting advice application (VAA) is the first and the most respected VVA in the Czech Republic. It was created in 2006. This VVA is usually used by 20 % of the registered voters and a majority of political parties and candidates completes online questionnaires for this application. To the best of my knowledge, data from this VVA has to date not been used for an analysis of pledges fulfilment and we also have no study about this topic from the second parliamentary chamber. The results show that MPs act according to their pre-electoral pledges to a considerable extent. The results also show that the media attention and topic saliency affected the fulfilment of the pledges. Contrary to the dominant expectations in existing literature status quo and economic conditions have an only limited effect.
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