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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Current Trends of Polish Euroscepticism

Europe (Central and Eastern)
Comparative Politics
Political Leadership
Political Parties
Natasza Styczynska
Jagiellonian University
Natasza Styczynska
Jagiellonian University

Since 2015 parliamentary and presidential elections, the discourse on Europe and Poland’s role in the EU have visibly changed and moved to positions that are more pragmatic. Polish Euroscepticism can be associated with the right wing, nationalist rhetoric, which is currently more evident around Europe than a decade ago. Polish government is contesting the idea of deeper political cooperation and strengthening of EU institutions, still perceiving European Union primarily as a free trade area and source of economic profits. This paper will present an outcome of the qualitative research focused on polish political parties. I will examine patterns of contestation and different discourses on Europe in the context of Brexit but also a dispute between Law and Justice Government and European Commission that resulted in triggering Article 7 on Poland. Analyses of party programmes but also stenographic records of Parliamentary Commission on the EU matters and selected plenary parliamentary debates will allow me to present the dominant discursive practices, narrations and arguments used against the European Union and claims directed to the EU institutions.
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