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Political Science in Europe

Kant on Theory and Practice.

Political Theory
Critical Theory
Political Ideology
Jakub Szczepański
Jagiellonian University
Jakub Szczepański
Jagiellonian University

The title of the article "On the common saying: That may be correct in theory" suggests that the question of the relationship between theory and practice was problematic for Kant. So, what is the methodology of his political theories? Is the possibility of the appearance of "Kepler" or "Newton" in the field of the laws of history real? Can Kantian political projects, such as eternal peace, lead to the level of theory in the scientific sense of the word? How can these theories be used in the practice of political life? And, finally, is it possible to falsify it in the way it is referred to the theory of natural sciences? Apparently, the issue of the method of Kant's political considerations generates a lot of questions. However, it is worth trying to answer them. What is at stake here is acquiring methodological clarity of  the philosopher's political theory which seem to describe reality quite well. 
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