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Anti-Corruption Strategies in EU and NAFTA Member States

Civil Society
European Union

The report comparatively presents anti-corruption strategies under integration in two regional associations – the European Union and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Proceeding from the postulate of ineradicable nature of corruption which can only be minimize to non-dangerous level, the author took into account some important points: general favorable factors for spreading corruption, local peculiarities of some countries, “culture of corruption”, impact of integration, and specific approaches to the problem in the EU and NAFTA. The difference between ritual anti-corruption campaigns and appropriate effective policies was also under investigation. The study is based on international statistic data, legal documents of the EU and NAFTA, expert evaluation etc. The data certified strong positive dynamics in overcoming corruption almost in all member countries. Nevertheless, three states (Ireland, Italy and Mexico) became the matters of special examination through their controversial experience. Anti-corruption potential of civic society was a question of special interest in the paper. Some implications concerning main trends, challenges, and perspectives of anti-corruption strategies are proposed.
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