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The European Union and Beyond

Japan's Response to Global Sustainability Governance: A Case of Biodiversity

Civil Society
Environmental Policy
Green Politics
Interest Groups
Policy Change
Political Activism
Masatoshi Yokota
Tokyo University of Science
Masatoshi Yokota
Tokyo University of Science

As the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) shows, a global efforts to sustainability are one of main focus in the United Nations. And various United Nations system has responded to this issue.
This paper has examined and assessed Japan`s response to global sustainability norms. Japan has expected to take a leadership in this issue area as a means for achievement of international contribution based on a pacifism of the Japan`s constitution. To look at this purpose, the paper has has focused on the case of biodiversity issue. Biodiversity conservation are an important issue for SDGs.
First, this paper has identified major features of global environmental governance and current situation of global efforts for biodiversity conservation. Multiple actors has involved and various norms has developed in global environmental governance. In biodiversity issue area, multiple environmental regimes including the Nagoya Protocol has formed comprising regime complex.
Second, this paper has examined Japan`s response. Japans has responded to this issue, and proposed a various initiatives such as Aichi Targets, Satoyama Initiative and has become a host country of the CBD-COP 10. In other hands, Japan`s response to acceptance of
the global accord has delayed. This study has examined Japan`s international response and domestic policy process.
Thirdly, this paper has assessed the case. On this point, this study has pointed out framing of Japan`s response. Despite ecological perspective has needed to tackle biodiversity issue reflecting voice of civil society actors, economy perspective has dominated in Japan`s response.
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