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Institutionalisation of Political Parties: Comparative Cases. Edited by Robert Harmel and Lars G. Svasand

Academic Programme - Papers

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(Anti-)Feminism and Populism: The Case of Law and Justice in Poland
Europe (Central and Eastern), Comparative Politics, Gender, Party Manifestos, Representation, Feminism, Party Members
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(De)Facing Time and Power: Towards a 'Temporal Turn' in Political Science?
Policy Analysis, Political Theory, Knowledge, Constructivism, Power
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(Mis)handling Budapest: The European Politics of the Rule of Law
Europe (Central and Eastern), Democracy, Populism, European Parliament
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(New) Big Science in Belgium: Exploring the Transformation of SCK•CEN, 1988ꟷ1993
European Union, Institutions, Public Policy, USA, Knowledge, International, Decision Making, National
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(Un)achievable Justice – Ideological and Political Preconditions for Transitional Justice in Central and South-Eastern Europe
Europe (Central and Eastern), Democracy, Democratisation, Ethics, Political Ideology, Transitional justice
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(Un)shared Memory: Narratives of the Past and Ukrainian Policy towards Russia and the EU
Europe (Central and Eastern), Foreign Policy, National Identity, Memory, Narratives
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‘Citizen Expertise’ in Sustainable Urban Mobility: From Inclusion to Co-Creation
Democracy, Knowledge, Policy-Making
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‘Defence of Democracy’ in Post-Communist Poland: Militant Measures and Implementation
Democracy, Extremism, Jurisprudence, Policy Implementation
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‘Democracies Without Choice' in the Periphery of Europe: Parliamentary Mandate Fulfilment Before and After the Eurozone Crisis
Comparative Politics, Democracy, Parliaments, Party Manifestos, Representation
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‘Embedded Hegemony’ and Institutional Work: German Power and the Europeanisation of Development Banking
European Politics, Institutions, International Relations, Political Economy, State Power
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‘Energy Diplomacy’: China Influences in Southeast Asia for Energy Transitions
Asia, China, Policy Analysis, Energy Policy
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‘Hard to Reach’ or ‘Easy to Ignore’? Exploring Equality in Community Engagement: A Review of Evidence from Scotland and the UK
Civil Society, Democracy, Political Engagement
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‘How Can You Stand Against Radical Islam and Then Go Out and Do a Terror Attack?’ The Role of Context, Interaction, Agency and Practice in Shaping ‘Extreme Right’ Radicalisation
Extremism, Foreign Policy, Qualitative, Political Activism, Youth
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‘No Safe Haven’ in Europe? The Future of Universal Jurisdiction Prosecutions
Human Rights, International Relations, Courts, International, Refugee, Transitional justice
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‘Studying Up’ in Migrant Entrepreneurship: Privileged Migrant Entrepreneurs from the ‘Global North’ in the Emerging Economy of Wroclaw, Poland
Globalisation, Migration, Social Capital, Immigration, Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Race, Narratives, Power
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‘They Can’t Fool Me, but They Can Fool the Others!’ Third Person Effect and Fake News Detection
Media, Social Media, Education, Communication
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‘We Want Our Country Back’: Exploring Links between Economic Populism and National Sovereignty Claims in Populist Radical Right Mobilisation in France and Switzerland
Democracy, Extremism, Nationalism, Political Parties, Populism, Policy Change, Public Opinion
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‘Your Luxury is Our Displacement’ ꟷ Housing and Anti-Gentrification Movements in a Tourist City: The Case of Lisbon
Contentious Politics, Social Movements, Austerity
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A Chance for Consensus? European Attitudes towards Climate Change
European Politics, European Union, Quantitative, Climate Change, Public Opinion, Energy Policy
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A Chinese Perspective on Impartiality as the 'Quality of Government' – Lessons from Mozi
Comparative Politics, Democracy, Government, Comparative Perspective
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