Institutionalisation of Political Parties: Comparative Cases. Edited by Robert Harmel and Lars G. Svasand

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"Contested Multilateralism" as Credible Signalling: How Strategic Inconsistency Can Induce Cooperation Among States
Governance, Institutions, Global, International, Power
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"Die Soziale Heimatpartei" A Slogan of the Austrian Freedom Party as Example of Concealed Hybridity
Political Theory, Populism, Campaign, Communication
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"Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus": Emotional (Dis)connection(s) in a European Microcosm
Identity, Euroscepticism, Narratives
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"Lay Expertise” and the Limits of Grassroots Politics
Democracy, Governance, Knowledge
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"Nationalizing" Local Elections and "Localizing" National Elections: Japanese Candidate Manifestos in a Multilevel Context
Elections, Institutions, Local Government, Party Manifestos, Campaign, Candidate
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"Populists in Power” and Intellectual Elites. A New Relationship?
Elites, Political Theory, Populism
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"The End of Cheap Labour“: Discursive Opportunity Structure and Economic Protest in Post-Communist Settings
Political Economy, Social Movements, Protests
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"The” or “A” Leading Organization in Migration? IOM as an Actor in Global Migration Governance
Governance, UN, Immigration
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"Women Teach, Men Think!”: On the Double Discriminatory Effect of Being a Woman in Universities’ Hiring Processes
Gender, Education, Competence, Higher Education
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(Anti-)Feminism and Populism: the Case of Law and Justice in Poland
Europe (Central and Eastern), Comparative Politics, Gender, Party Manifestos, Representation, Feminism, Party Members
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(Can’t Get No) Satisfaction Through Direct Democracy: The Elusive Effect of Referendums on Democratic Satisfaction
Democracy, Referendums and Initiatives, Survey Research
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(De)Facing Time and Power: Towards a “Temporal Turn” in Political Science?
Policy Analysis, Political Theory, Knowledge, Constructivism, Power
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(Mis)handling Budapest: The European Politics of the Rule of Law
Europe (Central and Eastern), Democracy, Populism, European Parliament
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(New) Big Science in Belgium: Exploring the Transformation of SCK•CEN (1988-1993)
European Union, Institutions, Public Policy, USA, Knowledge, International, Decision Making, National
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(Un)achievable Justice – Ideological and Political Preconditions for Transitional Justice in Central and South-Eastern Europe
Europe (Central and Eastern), Democracy, Democratisation, Ethics, Political Ideology, Transitional justice
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(Un)shared Memory: Narratives of the Past and Ukrainian Policy Towards Russia and the EU
Europe (Central and Eastern), Foreign Policy, National Identity, Memory, Narratives
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‘Citizen Expertise’ in Sustainable Urban Mobility: From Inclusion to Co-Creation
Democracy, Knowledge, Policy-Making
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‘Defence of Democracy’ in Post-Communist Poland. Militant Measures and Implementation
Democracy, Extremism, Jurisprudence, Policy Implementation
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‘Democracies Without Choice' in the Periphery of Europe: The Parliamentary Mandate Fulfilment Before and After the Eurozone Crisis
Comparative Politics, Democracy, Parliaments, Party Manifestos, Representation
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‘Embedded Hegemony’ and Institutional Work. German Power and the Europeanization of Development Banking
European Politics, Institutions, International Relations, Political Economy, State Power
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"Politics determines the process of "who gets what, when, and how"" - Harold Lasswell

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