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Sciences Po, Bordeaux
4 - 7 September 2013

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"The most Preferable and Trusted Supplier of Political News Is..." Political Competence and Internet News Sources: Is there Love? Cases of Austria, Italy and the Netherlands View Paper Details
(Normative) Force follows Function: The Concept of Legitimacy and the Functions of Political Institutions View Paper Details
‘Cosmetic Convergence’ to ‘Constrained Discretion’: the Halting Integration of European Banking Governance View Paper Details
‘Fast-Forward’ Europeanisation and Welfare State Reform in Greece and Italy in Light of the Eurozone Crisis View Paper Details
‘Hard Liberals’ and their Opposition to the Muslim Veil: Romantic Rather than Enlightened Liberalism? View Paper Details
‘Mild Mannered’? Protest and Mobilisation in Portugal in Times of Crisis View Paper Details
‘New Developmentalism’ and the Changing Federal-Municipal Relations in Brazil View Paper Details
A Behavioural Model of Asymmetric Retrospective Voting View Paper Details
A Comparative Analysis of the Dynamics of Interlock Networks Among Immigrant Organisations View Paper Details
A Comparative Analysis of the Relevance of Different Approaches to Interpreting the Relationships of Central Agencies in Anglophone Governments View Paper Details
A Comparative Perspective on the Balkan Constitutions and the Space Provided for the Minority Rights View Paper Details
A Comparative Study on Government Responses to the Fiscal Crisis View Paper Details
A Cross-National Analysis of Human Rights Violations in New Europe View Paper Details
A Double Disadvantage? The Double Bind and News Coverage of Minority Ethnic Women as Parliamentary Candidates in the 2010 UK General Election View Paper Details
A Duty of Beneficence or a Right to Conquer? A Historical Perspective on the Concept of Hospitality (16th-18th Century) View Paper Details
A Eurasian European Union? Relaunching Post-Soviet Economic Integration View Paper Details
A Fast Adaptation of Communication Strategies. Traditional and New Activists and the Italian Referendum Campaign on Water View Paper Details
A Matter of ‘Extremism’?: Ideas About Democracy and Political Change Within Anarchist and Autonomist Activists in Sweden View Paper Details
A Micro Perspective on Electoral Competition (and How it Matters for the Choice Process) View Paper Details
A Nation Under Attack: Perceptions of Victimhood and Enmity in the Context of the Greek Crisis View Paper Details
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"Man is by nature a political animal" - Aristotle

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