ECPR Joint Sessions
Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz
11 - 16 March 2013

Academic Programme - Papers

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‘Campaign Entrepreneurs’ in Collective Action Online: GetUp and Political Leadership in Australia View Paper Details
Activist Social Media Communication View Paper Details
Collective Action & ICT in the Provision of Public Goods in Areas of Limited Statehood View Paper Details
Collective Action Socio-technical Systems. Studying the Nexus between Social Media and Political Participation through a Multidimensional Network Approach View Paper Details
Comparing the Design of Online Collective Action Processes - An Analytical Framework View Paper Details
Connective Action in European Mass Protest View Paper Details
Creating Transnational Citizens on the Internet? European Citizens’ Initiatives, the Internet and Transnational Mobilisation View Paper Details
Digitally and Non-Digitally-Enabled Collective Action in Greece in Times of Crisis View Paper Details
Electoral mobilisation by Online Citizens? A Content Analysis of the Twitter Space during the Dutch Parliamentary Election Campaign 2012 View Paper Details
Emerging Forms of Online Civic Engagement through Collaborative Production: Which Institutional settings favor Engaging the “crowd”? The Case of Data Crowdsourcing around Hurricane Sandy. View Paper Details
From Networked Individualism to Collective Action: Understanding Mobilisation in a New Media Environment View Paper Details
Laboratories of Oligarchy: Evidence from Peer Production View Paper Details
Movements from Civil Society to the Political Community View Paper Details
Occupy: The Important Story is Who We Are View Paper Details
Organisation in the Crowd View Paper Details
Referencing Trustworthy Sources of Information: An Analysis of the Hyperlink Structure among Bloggers View Paper Details
Social Media Mobilisation as a Prompt for Offline Participation? Analysing Occupy Wall Street Twitterers’ Offline Engagement with the Movement View Paper Details
Understanding Online Collective Action using Big Data: Analysing the Growth Rates of Internet-based Petitions View Paper Details
What a Difference a Day Makes: The Potential of Different Event Detection Methods with Twitter Data for Varying Times Spans View Paper Details


"To govern is to choose" - Duc de Lévis

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