ECPR General Conference
Université de Montréal, Montreal
26 - 29 August 2015

Cooperation, Conflict and Security in Global Politics (IAPSS Section)

Conflict Resolution
International Relations
Section Number
Section Chairs
Vit Simral
University of Hradec Kralove
Philipp Aepler
The London School of Economics & Political Science
Section Co-Chair

The section covers topics related to the issue of global interconnectedness and security problems arising from it. Its aim is to bring together panelists with various research approaches towards challenges that global politics faces in the 21st century. These challenges pose a spectrum of theoretical and practical questions about the occurrence of violent conflicts over the world the possibility to prevent them, questions about establishing trust in formal and informal multi-national institutions, or questions about the nature of modern conflict per se. Submissions welcomed by the proposed section include works on the nature and different forms and shapes of international conflict, international intervention, the role of local agency in cross-border conflicts, but also works related to human rights in a conflict setting, humanitarian issues, responsibility to protect and others. The three panels proposed by the section chair are focusing on the three different aspects of modern conflict: first, international and internal processes of state-building and peacebuilding after a violent conflict, second, mediating and managing conflicts, both cross-border as well as civil wars, and third, building cooperation and trust in the international arena.

The proposed section would be promoted and chaired by members of the International Association of the Political Science Students. Three proposed panels would be also chaired by IAPSS member. The section is based on the 2015 IAPSS Annual Theme of “Cooperation, Conflict and Security” and includes section chair-proposed panels on the topics of “Intervention and State-building”, “Mediation and Conflict Management” and “Cooperation and Trust-building in International Organisations”.

Panel List

P010After the War: Reconciliation and Reconstruction View Panel Details
P042Challenges in State-Building View Panel Details
P110Ethnicities and Nationalities in International Relations View Panel Details
P154Facing the Reality in International Relations View Panel Details
P190International Community: More than a Cooperation View Panel Details
P246Overlooked Factors View Panel Details
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