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Political Research Exchange

Open Section

Section Number
Section Chair
Klaus Goetz
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – LMU
Section Co-Chair

The Open Section invites Panels and Papers on topics that do not fit readily into the other accepted Sections. The Open Section covers the full range of political science subdisciplines and warmly welcomes proposals from different theoretical and methodological traditions. It is especially designed to showcase innovative work. The Open Section has the largest number of Panel and Paper slots available at the General Conference. If accepted, individual Papers submitted to the Open Section will be grouped in thematically coherent Panels.

Panel List

Code Title Details
FP001Migration in Europe - First annual EPS Symposium View Panel Details
FP002Civil Society and the Welfare State - sponsored by APSA View Panel Details
FP003The Future of Political Science - sponsored by APSA View Panel Details
FP004Leadership Perception in Complex Political Decision-Making and Media Environments - sponsored by IPSA View Panel Details
FP005The State and Governance in Post-Transition Period - sponsored by IPSA View Panel Details
FP006Deliberative Democracy in Europe View Panel Details
FP007The Political Science Monograph in a Changing Communication Ecology View Panel Details
P006Accountability and Transparency View Panel Details
P008After the Arab Uprisings: Transitions to Where? Interdisciplinary Approaches to Rethinking Democracy and Authoritarian Strategies in the Middle East and North Africa View Panel Details
P057Comparative Public Policy View Panel Details
P070Corruption and Norms View Panel Details
P087Democracy and Democratisation View Panel Details
P108New Insights into Electoral Behaviour View Panel Details
P109Exploring The Role of Political Orientation, Parties, Incumbency & Localism on Electoral Behaviour View Panel Details
P125EU Governance and Policy View Panel Details
P137Experts, International Organisations and the Politics of Monitoring Europe View Panel Details
P149Foreign Fighters and the EU Counterterrorism Policy View Panel Details
P152From Revolution to Stability and Integration: Challenges of Political Change in Contemporary Political Regimes View Panel Details
P200International Governance and Public Policy View Panel Details
P238Local Politics and Policy View Panel Details
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