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Public Support for European Integration: Between Backlash and Revival

Europe (Central and Eastern)
European Politics
European Union
Section Number
Section Chairs
Catherine De Vries
University of Essex
Sara Hobolt
The London School of Economics & Political Science
Section Co-Chair

The Eurozone and refugee crisis affected the political and economic fate of many member states of the European Union (EU). While economic recovery may be on its way at least in some member states, the crisis has left a mark on public opinion. Bruised by the Eurozone crisis, large parts of the public have come to doubt the competence and integrity of their political and financial masters in Brussels and at home. Public support for the European project has been waning as a result. Yet, following the Brexit vote we seem to be witnessing somewhat of a revival in public support for the EU. These recent developments bring on a host of questions about the nature of public opinion towards the EU relating to its conceptualization, causes and consequences. This section invites panel proposals that address these different aspects of public opinion towards the EU, in particular:

1. What do we mean by EU support and scepticism, and how do these concepts travel across time and countries/regions?
2. Who supports or opposes European integration, and what are the key drivers of change?
3. Do the economic interest, identity and political cueing models suffice in explaining ups and downs in public support for the EU, or are we missing other key aspects?
4. Should explanations of EU support and scepticism be more embedded in domestic contexts (national or regional), and how?
5. How do EU support and scepticism affect voting behaviour or political participation more generally, and how do they relate to anti-establishment feelings or protest voting in domestic politics?

We invite theoretical and empirical analyses, and comparative and case studies touching these themes and related ones.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P009Brexit: Causes and Consequences View Panel Details
P013Consequences of the Politicisation of the EU: Public Attitudes and Voting Behaviour View Panel Details
P019Economic Crisis and Support for the EU View Panel Details
P020Elite Framing, Media Coverage and Euroscepticism View Panel Details
P027Explaining Attitudes towards European Integration View Panel Details
P045Multi-Level Contestation: How and Why Do EU Institutions Respond to Euroscepticism? View Panel Details
P060Rising Euroscepticism in East Central Europe: Current Trends and Prospects View Panel Details
P061Roundtable – Euroscepticism and the Future of European Integration: Author Meets Critics View Panel Details
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