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Political Research Exchange

Challenges, Resistance and Opposition to Gender+ Equality and Sexual+ Equality

Social Movements
Comparative Perspective
Section Number
Section Chair
Isabelle Engeli
University of Exeter
Section Co-Chair
Petra Ahrens
Tampere University

There is widespread concern regarding the lack of success to achieve Sexual+ Equality and Gender+ Equality at an institutional and/or societal level. It is in such context that a range of actors are rethinking and reimagining how to tackle and resist persistent Gender+ and Sexual+ inequalities, these include: civil society groups; political parties; governments; supranational institutions; the media; and individual citizens. Addressing gender and sexual inequalities requires innovative and creative approaches not least in light of the fact that some of the more incremental approaches have not proven entirely successful. At the same time, economic and political crises, the rise of religious contestation and the extension of populist ideology are coinciding, among others, to trigger resistance and opposition to the promotion of Sexual+ Equality and Gender+ Equality. This conjunction of factors has created new challenges for movements and advocacy to secure political gains and for collaborations across movements and space. Consequently, there are conceptual, empirical, and methodological challenges that need unpacking.

The Section aims to assess current challenges, resistance and opposition to the promotion of Gender+ Equality and Sexual+ Equality. The Panels will be on topics related to the broad Section perspective and together with the Panel Chairs and Panel Discussants will ensure a geographically balanced representation of scholars from across the world and at different career stages.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P048Challenges to Gender Equality: Navigating the Gender, Politics and Knowledge Nexus in Europe View Panel Details
P049Challenging Gender, Resisting Equality View Panel Details
P179Gender Equality Policy in Practice: Do Current Strategies in Parties, Parliaments, and Government Work? View Panel Details
P300Opportunities for Inclusiveness View Panel Details
P347Populism and Feminist Politics View Panel Details
P363Promoting Gender Equality? Multi-Level Battlefields View Panel Details
P367Publishing Politics and Gender Research: Challenges and Opportunities View Panel Details
P429The Challenges of LGBT Politics View Panel Details
P432The Challenges of Representation View Panel Details
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