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 Nordic Party Members: Linkages in Troubled Times, Edited by Marie Demker, Knut Heidar, and Karina Kosiara-Pedersen

The Politics of Bureaucracy

Public Administration
Public Policy
Policy Implementation
Section Number
Section Chair
Tobias Bach
Universitetet i Oslo
Section Co-Chair
Martino Maggetti
Université de Lausanne

Public sector organizations and public officials at various levels of government are key players in the policy process. Civil servants and political appointees are deeply involved in agenda setting and in policy making, and street-level bureaucrats crucially influence policy outputs and shape the public image of the government. At the same time, bureaucracy itself is profoundly affected by political decision-making, for instance through structural or personnel management reforms. Indeed, much of the literature on the ‘administrative factor’ in the policy process deals with politico-administrative relations, and more specifically, with the tension between political control and bureaucratic self-interest and autonomy by investigating the drivers of bureaucratic behaviour. The goal of this Section is to push this research agenda forward by explicitly adopting a political science perspective on public administration to study how political processes affect public bureaucracies, and vice versa.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P056Citizen-Bureaucracy Relationship: Understanding Perceptions and Interaction View Panel Details
P196Hiring, Promoting and Firing Top Public Officials View Panel Details
P302Organizational Coordination and Policy Integration I View Panel Details
P303Organizational Coordination and Policy Integration II View Panel Details
P328Policy Implementation and Street Level Bureaucracy View Panel Details
P438The Determinants of Portfolio Structures in Europe View Panel Details
P439The Effects of Civil Service Management Practices on Bureaucratic Attitudes and Behaviour View Panel Details
P478The Politics-Administration Dichotomy: Has It Ever And/or Does It Still Matter? View Panel Details
P505United in Diversity? Implementation and Performance in Multi-Level Governance I View Panel Details
P506United in Diversity? Implementation and Performance in Multi-Level Governance II View Panel Details
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