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Political Networks

Comparative Politics
Policy Analysis
Social Movements
Decision Making
Section Number
Section Chair
Manuel Fischer
Universität Bern
Section Co-Chair
Petr Ocelík
Masaryk University


The Political Networks Section (sponsored by the ECPR Standing Group on Political Networks) aims to provide a multidisciplinary space of convergence for scholars that, while holding diverse research interests, share an analytic approach to network processes in political life, coupled with a strong attention to the integration of theory and empirical data. Political networks are conceived of in a broad sense - as defined around political actors (individuals, organizations and/or institutions), events that are relevant to the political biographies of individuals as well as around the use of digital communication technologies within political dynamics. Thus, ties can consist of exchanges of resources, information, and symbols, as well as of collaborations and communications that may occur both on- and offline. Leaning on this framework, the Political Network Section includes Panels, chaired by both junior and senior researchers from all over Europe.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P017Application of Network Analysis to Political Changes View Panel Details
P065Climate Policy Networks: Emergence, Evolution, and Policy Outcomes I View Panel Details
P066Climate Policy Networks: Emergence, Evolution, and Policy Outcomes II View Panel Details
P073Comparing Political Networks View Panel Details
P174From Texts to Networks: Semantic, Socio-Semantic and Discourse Networks View Panel Details
P279Networked Publics in the Age of Hybridity View Panel Details
P414Social Movement Networks View Panel Details
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