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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Advances in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Higher Education
Political Engagement
Section Number
Section Chair
Ulrich Hamenstädt
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Section Co-Chair
Chris Goldsmith
De Montfort University

This Section’s purpose is to allow participants to discuss and share their pedagogic research and responsibilities as scholars of political science. The Section also encourages the participants to reflect on how their experience and results of research can be used to enrich and improve teaching practices and the student learning experience and vice versa. It will allow participants to identify the challenges, which may hinder desired practice, together with proposing ways of overcoming these barriers. We will showcase examples of good practice with the benefit of providing inspiration and encouragement to all scholars for improving existing ways of teaching and learning. It is the relevance of this Section across all of the sub-fields of political science, and therefore to all scholars, that makes it a vital one to support.

Our Panels will be devoted to discussing both new and more traditional ways of teaching political science for the benefit of student learning. Our contributions will analyse experiences with using new media, online teaching, blended courses and similar methods that facilitate teaching large groups of students and catering to the needs of less traditional student groups, including students with families, disabled students, distanced learners and professionals already advanced in their careers. One Panel will moreover focus on what can be learned from other cognisant disciplines, and those less frequently used learning activities and methods. Others will discuss topics such as assessment of/for student learning and speak to issues that go beyond the practice in one course or at one institution.

We hope that attendees in our Section will enable participants to return to their departments and discuss a variety of pedagogies and their outcomes, alongside different approaches to teaching and learning in political science. Equally, we will focus upon a range of important issues facing Higher Education in the 21st century, including quality assessment and internationalisation. Building upon our group’s successful sponsorship of previous Sections at ECPR conferences (2013-2017, including 7 very well attended Panels in Oslo and a Round Table), we offer an opportunity for colleagues across and beyond Europe to discuss important issues of teaching, learning, assessment and teacher development.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P058Citizenship and Higher Education View Panel Details
P152Evidence-Based Teaching in Political Science View Panel Details
P282New Designs for Political Science Teaching View Panel Details
P425Teaching Politics in a Digital Classroom View Panel Details
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