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ECPR 50th Anniversary Fund

Connecting Social Movement Studies and Political Participation Research

Civil Society
Contentious Politics
Political Participation
Social Movements
Political Activism
Section Number
Section Chair
Joost de Moor
Stockholm University
Section Co-Chair
Felix Butzlaff
Vienna University of Economics and Business – WU Wien

This Section aims to bring together Panels around current issues in the study of political participation and social movements. As various scholars have noted, political participation continues to expand and social movements have an ever expanding topical and geographical impact. To continue the advancement of the study into both these important areas, this Section aims to attract a diverse range of Panels that cover the state of the art in both areas.

We call for Panels which reflect both the more established core interests in the study of political participation and social movements, and more recent or emerging areas of academic enquiry. Core topics include pathways to participation, resources, contextual determinants and the study of consequences of movements and participation. Emerging topics include individualization, non-participation, and the changing role of media.

This Section aims in particular to bring the literature on political participation and social movements closer together. While the two issues are clearly distinct, they are also related. Political participation often takes place within a movement context, and many key social movement activities can be classified as political participation. It is therefore quite remarkable that the literatures dealing with these issues are often so disconnected – especially when we consider what we could learn from bringing the two closer together.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P030Between Voice and Exit: Studying Political Participation in the Arena of Everyday Life and Beyond View Panel Details
P054Charles Tilly's Legacy for Research on Political Contention in African States View Panel Details
P173From Social Movement Participation to Informal (Political) Participation and Vice-Versa? View Panel Details
P195Heuristic and Methodological Challenges of Understanding Large Protest Events View Panel Details
P273Movement and Party Participation – From Partners to Adversaries View Panel Details
P294Non-Participation and Social Movements View Panel Details
P435The Consequences of the Multifaceted Interactions Between Media and Movements View Panel Details
P493Traces of Multiple Belongings: Social Movement and Trade Union Participation View Panel Details
P526Youth Participation and Social Change View Panel Details
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