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ECPR Standing Group on the European Union 10th Biennial Conference LUISS, Rome

New Parties in Europe: A Comeback for the Parties or Just Another Symptom for Their Decline?

Europe (Central and Eastern)
Party Manifestos
Political Parties
Party Members
Comparative Perspective
Decision Making
Party Systems
Section Number
Section Chair
Kristina Weissenbach
University of Duisburg-Essen
Section Co-Chair
Gideon Rahat
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A “wave of new parties” is currently rocking the European Union member states: Looking only at the elections in 2015, 2016 and 2017, in 23 EU member states 31 new political parties have entered national parliaments. Political parties such as the Italian Five Star Movement, the Spanish Ciudadanos and Podemos, the German Alternative, the Greek parties To Potami, ANEL or the left Syriza as well as the French La République en Marche are part of this wave. Those parties differ not only regarding their categorization on the left-right-axis, but also in terms of their genetic model, their organization, their financing or the way they organized their election campaigns. Moreover the emergence of those new parties affects the existing ‘old’ parties in the national party systems as well as the political parties at the European level.
Against this background, the Section will present Panels and Papers that address these topics.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P118Disintermediation: A Pattern of Party Change in New Parties? View Panel Details
P216Inside New Parties: Party Members and Party Organization View Panel Details
P287New Parties and the Digital Era View Panel Details
P288New Parties and Their Electorate View Panel Details
P312Party System Stability and Party System Change View Panel Details
P350Populism and the Personalization of New Parties View Panel Details
P462The Origin and Institutionalization of New Parties View Panel Details
P489The Study of Party Entry and Exit in Old and New Democracies View Panel Details
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