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ECPR Journals Virtual Special Issue

Open Section

Section Number
Section Chair
Maurizio Carbone
University of Glasgow
Section Co-Chair

The Open Section invites Panels and Papers on topics that do not fit readily into the other accepted Sections. The Open Section covers the full range of political science sub-disciplines and warmly welcomes proposals from different theoretical and methodological traditions. It is especially designed to showcase innovative work. If accepted, individual Papers submitted to the Open Section will be grouped in thematically coherent Panels.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P020Asia in International Affairs View Panel Details
P023Autocratic and Illiberal Norm Entrepreneurship View Panel Details
P071Comparing Autocracies and Democracies View Panel Details
P076Compromise and Democracy: How They Get Along View Panel Details
P113Detecting and Reacting to Global and Regional Security Complexes: A New Approach to the Analysis of Interacting and Interdependent Security Issues in International Relations Theory View Panel Details
P124Dynamics of Public Opinion: Partisanship, Ideology, and Political Involvement View Panel Details
P125Economic Voting: Valence Models and New Frontiers View Panel Details
P164FEATURED PANEL: Teaching Populism in the Era of Trump. Sponsored by EPS View Panel Details
P165FEATURED PANEL: Gender and Diversity in Political Science. Sponsored by IPSA View Panel Details
P166FEATURED PANEL: Political Values and Norms Shaping Political Behaviour: Evidence from Comparative Social Research. Sponsored by IPSA Research Committee 17 “Comparative Public Opinion” View Panel Details
P190Governing Environmental Sustainability in a Globally ‘Telecoupled’ World View Panel Details
P202How to Govern Who Governs: Referendums in a Comparative Perspective View Panel Details
P235International Patterns of Policy-Making View Panel Details
P264Methods in Political Science View Panel Details
P271Mobilizing the Economically Disadvantaged into Politics: Considering the Role of Context View Panel Details
P299On the History and Theory of Council Democracy View Panel Details
P313Patterns of Political Participation and Legitimacy View Panel Details
P319Perspectives on Democracy View Panel Details
P322Perspectives on Immigration View Panel Details
P323Perspectives on Inequality View Panel Details
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