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Comparative Public Opinion and Elections

Comparative Politics
Section Number
Section Chair
Rachel Gibson
University of Manchester
Section Co-Chair
Susan Banducci
University of Exeter

This proposals has the support of the SG on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour in a Comparative Perspective.

There have been a number of methodological innovations and large scale data collection efforts such as the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems and the European Election Study that have advanced the comparative study of voting and public opinion. For this section, we ask paper givers to reflect on the status of this research and what it has told us about the health of democracy. What has the study of comparative public opinion and voting behaviour taught electoral scholars? What have large scale comparative electoral survey projects yielded in terms of important findings? We ask for papers that address how fundamental concepts such as competition and information are linked to the nature and dynamics of campaigns, media coverage, party systems and strategies, voter efficacy, political engagement and turnout, and political legitimacy. In particular we are interested in proposals that address the substantive themes of
electoral competition, the role of social media in elections, information and voting behaviour, media systems. Proposals focused on applications of new methodologies or on critical approaches to existing methods are also strongly encouraged.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P054Comparing Party Strategies in Advanced Democracies View Panel Details
P056Complex Theories, Insufficient Models, and Over-Strained Voters? View Panel Details
P100Electoral Competitiveness: Concept and Measurement View Panel Details
P138Generational Differences in Electoral Behaviour View Panel Details
P165Institutions, Competitiveness, and Democratic Satisfaction View Panel Details
P401Value Orientations and their Political Consequences View Panel Details
P408Voters and the Media: Analysis of the Effects of New and Traditional Media on Electoral Behaviour View Panel Details
P410Voting Behaviour and the Assessment of Government Performance View Panel Details
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