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A core mission of the ECPR is to support the development of the discipline by making it easier for political scientists throughout Europe to engage in co-operative advanced research, training and research-led teaching. Among the instruments to advance this goal are Standing Groups and Research Networks, which are integral parts of the ECPR. Each Standing Group / Research Network is managed by a Steering Committee, voted for by members of the group.
Standing Groups have a large membership base and engage in a wide range of activities such as organising conferences and summer schools, publishing newsletters and journals and awarding prizes. Research Networks are more specialised than Standing Groups, and may have a smaller membership base. They are more limited in terms of the range of activities, and may be of a temporary nature. status.

Joining / Leaving

You can join a Standing Group / Research Network via the 'Current Standing Groups and Research Networks' page on the website. Either select 'Join' under the details tab, or select 'More information' and click on 'Join Standing Group / Research Network'. Please note, you will need to be logged in to your MyECPR account to do this.
You can leave a Standing Group / Research Network via the 'Current Standing Groups and Research Networks' page by clicking on the name of the Standing Group and selecting 'Leave Standing Group / Research Network'. You can also leave any group you are a member of via the My Groups page in MyECPR.
At this time there is no fee to join a Standing Group or Research Network.
There is no limit to the amount of groups you may join.
If you are not affiliated with an ECPR member institution; members of the Steering Committee will receive an email asking them to respond to your membership request. You will receive an email informing you once your request has been either approved or declined.
Yes. Your Standing Group / Research Network membership will be pending the approval of that Standing Group / Research Network's Steering Committee, no matter how many times you leave and join.


Membership to ECPR Standing Groups and Research Networks is biennial. This is to ensure that membership for each Standing Group and Research Network stays current and up-to-date.
Standing Group / Research Network membership runs until 30 September every other year; you will be able to renew your membership for the following two years two months prior to the renewal date.
If you do not renew your membership, you will automatically be removed from the group after the renewal date. You can rejoin the group again at any time by following the instructions to join (see above).
You can renew your membership via the My Groups page in MyECPR.
If you are affiliated to an ECPR member institution and you renew your membership, your membership will continue automatically. If you are from a non-ECPR member institution and you renew your membership by the renewal date, the Steering Committee will not need to approve your membership. If your membership expires and you wish to rejoin the group, your membership request will need to be approved again.


No. You may only vote in elections run by Standing Groups / Research Networks you are a current member of.
No. While your Standing Group / Research Network membership is pending, you may not vote in an election for that Standing Group / Research Network.
If you are a member of a Standing Group / Research Network, you are eligible to vote in the Steering Committee election of that group. The ECPR website offers an online election system, allowing group members to vote for their preferred candidate/s. This can be accessed via the My Groups page in MyECPR. The Chair of the group will notify all group members when the voting stage of the election is live.
When a Steering Committee election is due, the Chair of the Standing Group / Research Network will send out a call for self nominations to all group members. You will then have 30 days to submit a nomination.