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Welcoming New Chair and Executive Committee

Today marks the end of the mandate of our 2018–21 Executive Committee (EC), chaired by Kris Deschouwer.

On Saturday 1 May, six new EC members, elected at the beginning of the year, will join the six ongoing members to serve under the Chairship of David Farrell over the next three years. 

On Kris's term as Chair

Reflecting on his three-year service, Kris notes:

Kris Deschouwer'When I became ECPR Chair in May 2018, I was actually expecting an easy ride. We were getting ready to celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2020 as a solid and healthy organisation.

Looking back now at my three years in the chair, I am quite happy that – we were and still are indeed – this very strong organisation, and that we have been able to keep it going during times that were quite difficult for academics and universities. The ECPR has had to adapt quickly, but did so successfully and has remained the home and the shelter of thousands of political scientists.

I am now handing over the keys to David Farrell, knowing that he and his team will do a great job. I wish him all the best.'

A word of thanks

ECPR would like to extend our profound thanks to the outgoing Chair and Executive Committee members for their hard work over the years.

We wish Kris, Mary, Anna, Maurizio, Petri and Reuven all the best in their ‘retirement’ from ECPR duties, and look forward to seeing them as frequent participants in future ECPR events and activities.

ECPR Director, Tanja Munro, adds: 

'Kris’s tenure as Chair of ECPR has had a profound impact, both on the ECPR as a whole and on myself as an individual. His calm leadership, experience and voice of reason have been invaluable, and much needed, especially during last year when we were all going through challenging times. 

David will bring a perspective as fresh as McMullin’s 'Irish Breeze'. As Kris hands the baton over to David, I am looking forward to the next chapter of ECPR’s long history and to shaping a future together, that will bring benefits for our members and the profession as a whole.'

On David's appointment

As he prepares to step into his role as Chair, David told us:

David Farrell'I am delighted to be succeeding Kris. He and his fellow outgoing Executive Committee members are departing with the ECPR in great shape.

This is an important time for Europe’s leading political science association. Covid-19 has shaken societies and political systems to their core. The climate emergency requires urgent action not least by associations like ours, particularly in how we organise meetings and events. The nature of publishing is transforming before our eyes as the open access agenda takes root.

In these worrying times for democracy, there are growing threats to our discipline and academia more generally, and there is ever more need for our increasingly diverse societies to be reflected in the activities (and ranks) of organisations like ours. 

In short, there is a lot to do, and we’re ready for it. I look forward greatly to working with my fellow EC members and our ECPR community to continue the work of this wonderful association.'

As we welcome the new leadership on board, we look forward to new horizons, new adventures and exciting new projects ahead! 

A full list of the newly formed EC, along with their portfolios for the next three years, here.
30 April 2021
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