Prizes and awards

In recognition of the contributions made to all areas of European political science, the ECPR awards six prizes each year. These prizes cover a wide spectrum of achievement, from the Jean Blondel PhD Prize awarded for the most outstanding thesis at an ECPR institution, to the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to those individuals' whose work has contributed significantly to the furtherment of the discipline.

Cora Maas Award

The Cora Maas Award is given annually for the best evaluated course either at the ECPR Winter School or the Summer School in Methods and Techniques and is endowed with €500. The awarded is presented annually at the following Winter or Summer School.

Dirk Berg-Schlosser Award

The Dirk Berg-Schlosser Award is awarded for outstanding pedagogy as a Teaching Assistant at the ECPR Methods School.

Hans Daalder Prize

The Hans Daalder Prize is awarded for the best paper presented at the ECPR Graduate Student Conference.

Jean Blondel PhD Prize

This annual prize is for the best PhD thesis in politics awarded to an individual from a full ECPR member institution.

Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize

The Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize in European Political Sociology is awarded by the ECPR to a scholar (or group of scholars) who has produced a major contribution to the advancement of political sociology.

Stein Rokkan Prize

The Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Social Science Research is awarded by the International Social Science Council upon the recommendation of an independent jury set up by the ECPR.

Rudolf Wildenmann Prize

The Wildenmann prize is awarded to the presenter of the best paper at the annual ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops.

ECPR Lifetime Achievement Award

This prize is awarded on a biennial basis to a scholar who has made an outstanding contribution to european political science.

The Joni Lovenduski PhD Prize in Gender and Politics

The Gender and Politics PhD Prize is awarded biennially for an outstanding PhD dissertation in the field of gender and politics, including gender and/or sexuality studies perspectives. The prize is awarded at the biennial European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG).

EPS Prize

The EPS Prize is awarded annually for the best article appearing in the previous year’s volume of the ECPR's professional journal, European Political Science (EPS). The prize is given to an article that makes a substantial contribution to the field of political science, especially articles that contribute to the understanding of new and innovative trends in political science or to innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the profession. The first Prize was given for an article published in volume 14 (2015).

Hedley Bull Prize in International Relations

The Hedley Bull Prize is awarded for a book which makes a substantial and original contribution to theory and/or empirical studies in any field of International Relations.

"...the good of man must be the objective of the science of politics" - Aristotle

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