Hedley Bull Prize in International Relations

Nomination Procedure

The prize is open to political science scholars. To be eligible for consideration, the author(s) must belong to an ECPR member institution.

ECPR Executive Committee members and the Director cannot be nominated.

Nominations by a colleague/colleagues from another ECPR member institution than the suggested author(s) are possible.
Self nominations are not allowed.
Nominations from publishers are not allowed.

The work has to be a published monograph. Edited volumes are not eligible. Entries must be published in the two years before the year of award (i.e. between 2017 and 2018, for the 2019 prize application).

Submissions must include:

  • The name of the person who makes the nomination
  • A one-page letter providing a brief rationale for the nomination of the book
  • The book (as pdf file)
  • Reviews if available

Nominations for the 2019 prize are welcome from 16 October 2018.

Submissions should be sent by email to Marcia Taylor at the ECPR before the deadline of Thursday 28 February 2019.

Applications will be reviewed by a jury comprised of the conveners of the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR), Critical Peace and Conflict Studies, Human Rights and Transitional Justice, International Political Theory, and two of the Executive Committee of the ECPR.

The 2019 prize jury is yet to be confirmed.  The 2018 prize jury comprised:

Maurizio Carbone, ECPR Executive Committee Member (Chair)
Mary Farrell, ECPR Executive Committee Member
Manuela Moschella, nominated convenor of the Standing Group of International Relations
Sandra Pagodda, nominated convenor of the Standing Group on Critical Peace and Conflict Studies
Briony Jones - nominated convenor of the Standing Group on Human Rights and Transitional Justice
Peter Niesen, nominated convenor of the Standing Group on International Political Theory

Announcement of the 2019 prize winner(s) and information about the Award Ceremony

The decision of the Jury will be announced by end of June 2019. The prize-winner(s) will be invited to attend an Award Ceremony at the ECPR General Conference in Wrocław (Thursday 5 September).  Reasonable travel costs and two nights' accommodation are covered by ECPR.

Please forward any further queries to Marcia Taylor at the ECPR.


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