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ECPR Lifetime Achievement Award

Nomination Procedure

Nominations open: 15 November 2021
Deadline for nominations: 7 March 2022

Submitting a nomination

To nominate, please email a formal nomination letter, which must come via the Official Representative of any ECPR member institution, or from a national political science association, to

The prize is open to scholars in all fields of political science, and candidates need not be affiliated with a Member institution.

Nominations must include, as 2 separate PDF files:

  • A formal letter of nomination including recommendation(s) from the nominator(s)
  • A curriculum vitae and bibliography of the nominee(s)

We strive to define outstanding contributions as inclusively as possible, and welcome nominations of candidates from non-traditional backgrounds.


Self-nominations are not accepted.

Members of the ECPR Executive Committee, ECPR Director, or Editors of any ECPR books, journals or blog are not eligible for this prize. However, we do not wish to penalise these individuals for their generous work within our organisation. Therefore, members of ECPR senior staff (EC, Director) are eligible to be nominated for prizes after their term has ended, and after a further three-year buffer period. Editors, meanwhile, are eligible to be nominated after their term has ended and after a one-year buffer period.

If a nominator attempts to nominate an excluded person, they will be informed of this policy by Harbour House staff, as well as the year in which the person will be eligible, if applicable.

Prize Jury 2021

  • David Farrell, Chair of the Executive Committee
  • Kris Deschouwer, former Chair of the Executive Committee
  • Veronica Anghel, Rising Star winner 2020
  • Sylvia Kritzinger, Official Representative, University of Vienna
  • Tanja Munro, Director of the ECPR

Prize announcement and delivery

The winner will be announced in June 2022.

Questions? Email