Politics and the Arts

Standing Group

Number of members: 95


  • Frank Möller (University of Tampere)
  • Kia Lindroos (University of Jyväskylä)
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The Politics and the Arts Standing Group is committed to the interdisciplinary study of art as a form of political discourse. The conjuction 'politics and the arts' has continuously attracted interest within political theory and international politics, cultural studies and art research. Politics and the Arts is an established field of research within the social sciences. The Group regularly organises conferences and panels at major international events where we seek to engage discussions among scholars, researchers, artists and cultural practitioners on questions pertaining to political interpretations of art and artistic activity. Our research projects have focused around the issues of terror and art, violence and non-violence, visual and other artistic representations of international conflicts, questions of politicising the literature and poetic form and narrative practices, and critique of media representations.

"Nothing in politics is ever as good or bad as it first appears" - Edward Boyle

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