ECPR Joint Sessions
University of, Antwerp
10 - 15 April 2012

Political Animals and Animal Politics

Workshop Director
Marcel Wissenburg
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Workshop Co-Director
David Schlosberg
University of Sydney

Despite 20 years of environmental politics scholarship, the place of animals and the non-human realm in environmental politics has remained unclear. It has been addressed only in the margin of ‘environmental’ (=resource management) research
questions, or by authors who were usually more interested in the ethical than the political status of the nonhuman. This workshop should begin to fill this void with contributions ranging from theoretical arguments about non-human nature to policy
initiatives regarding animal welfare and rights. It aims at a systematic, interdisciplinary understanding of the politics of animals and their environments, by addressing a series of research questions consistently from three perspectives: normative political theory; the qualitative analysis of the discourses and ideology of
policy makers, political parties and social movements; and more classic political analysis of public policy and party politics. The workshop will deal with the following, intrinsically related questions: 1. What do some of the recent normative approaches to animal/nonhuman politics add to our political approach to nature? 2. How have environmental and animal rights groups and parties framed their recent arguments for the protection of non-humans? What discourses have been most popular and appealing to movements and groups? 3. Which normative approaches and/or movement discourses have been successful, and which not, as frames for public policy initiatives? How can we analyze the policy processes that have led to successes and failures of animal politics initiatives? Contributors can address a variety of animal politics campaigns from single-state, regional, and comparative perspective.

Paper List

Animal deliberation: on taking animal agency seriously in political thought and material practice, the example of a mobile milking robot View Paper Details
Animalism: a nascent ideology? Exploring the ideas of animal rights parties View Paper Details
Animals and Public Reason View Paper Details
Appropriating the "Saving" of the Polar Bear: Anthropocentrism and its Implications for Wildlife Protection View Paper Details
Citoyen Napoleon: How animals are turned into post-animal citizens View Paper Details
Hollywood Responses to Animal Politics: How the fictional identity of sharks influences the reality of policy solutions following shark attacks. View Paper Details
Is Animal Rights more than the Hobby Horse of the Party for the Animals? Explaining the policy success of the Dutch Party for the Animals. View Paper Details
Killing Them Softly: The Debates over "Humane Slaughter" in Sweden 1887-1937 View Paper Details
Managing the wild boar: perceptions from science, policy and society View Paper Details
Pity 2.0? Rethinking the human-animal divide in the digital age View Paper Details
Privatizing the Animals? An overview of libertarian thinking on animal politcs View Paper Details
Rawls on the Status of Animals Within a Theory of Justice View Paper Details
Recognition of mother and nature: ecofeminist contributions to justice beyond the society/nature divide. View Paper Details
Rethinking Ecological Justice: Capabilities and Critics View Paper Details
Rethinking the Politics of Nature: Representation and Rights View Paper Details
The debate over animal research: what signs of change? View Paper Details
What is a Political Theory of Animal Rights View Paper Details
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