ECPR Winter School
University of Vienna, Vienna
14 - 21 February 2014


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A01Introduction to Statistics for Political and Social Scientists - Bernhard Kittel - Fully Booked - Waiting List Available contact Kittel View Course Details
A02Introduction to Qualitative Interpretive Methods - Marie Østergaard MøllerMarie Østergaard Møller View Course Details
A03Comparative Research Designs - Benoît Rihoux - Fully Booked - Waiting List Available contactît Rihoux View Course Details
A04Knowing and the Known: The Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences - Patrick T JacksonPatrick Jackson View Course Details
A05Research Design Fundamentals - Samo KropivnikSamo Kropivnik View Course Details
A06Introduction to Applied Social Network Analysis - Dimitris ChristopoulosDimitris Christopoulos View Course Details
A07Experimental Methods - Wolfgang LuhanWolfgang Luhan View Course Details
A09Introduction to R with Advanced Methods and Elements of Reproducible Research - Christoph WaldhauserChristoph Waldhauser View Course Details
A10Quantitative social research using Stata - David Johann & Kathrin ThomasDavid Johann, Kathrin Thomas View Course Details
B01Panel Data Analysis - Henning Lohmann - Fully Booked - Waiting List Available contact Lohmann, Henning Lohmann View Course Details
B02Multilevel Regression Modelling - Levi LittvayLevente Littvay View Course Details
B03Analysing Political Language - Dvora YanowDvora Yanow View Course Details
B05Correspondence Analysis and Related Descriptive Multivariate Statistics - Philippe BlanchardPhilippe Blanchard View Course Details
B06Agent-based Modelling in the Social Sciences - Nils B WeidmannNils Weidmann View Course Details
B07Advanced Process Tracing Methods - Derek BeachDerek Beach View Course Details
B09Political Anthropology Methods - Murat Erdal IlicanMurat Erdal Ilican View Course Details
B10Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis - Marie-Hélène ParéMarie-Hélène Paré View Course Details
B11Advanced Discrete Choice Modelling - Paul W ThurnerPaul Thurner View Course Details
B12Interpreting Binary Logistic Regression Models - Markus WagnerMarkus Wagner View Course Details
B13Advanced Multi-Method Research - Ingo RohlfingIngo Rohlfing View Course Details
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