ECPR General Conference
Sciences Po, Bordeaux
4 - 7 September 2013

Academic Programme - Panels

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P002A Political Sociology of Transnational Europe View Panel Details
P011An Emerging Radical Left Family in Western Europe? View Panel Details
P020Atypical Militants in Political Parties View Panel Details
P027Broader Implications of Arab Spring in the Neighbouring Region and Beyond View Panel Details
P039Clandestine Political Violence View Panel Details
P062Conflictual Integration: Political Parties, National Parliaments and Competing Visions of the European Union View Panel Details
P066Contested World Orders I: Authority and Contestation of International Institutions View Panel Details
P067Contested World Orders II: Agents of Contestation in Global Governance View Panel Details
P068Cooperation Between Parliaments after the Lisbon Treaty: What Scope is There? View Panel Details
P088Determinants of Electoral Fraud View Panel Details
P091Diffusion of Norms and Cultures in International Security Governance View Panel Details
P101Electoral Observation Missions in Promoting Democracy: Do they Work? View Panel Details
P105Emerging Geopolitical Contests and Contestants in Europe View Panel Details
P106Emotions and Discourses: Towards New Paths of Studying Policies View Panel Details
P114European Party Competition and New Strategies under Societal Turbulence View Panel Details
P119Explaining EU Disintegration: Closing the Gap by Reshaping and Linking Federalism Theories in the EU Context View Panel Details
P132Foreign Policies and Foreign Policy-Making in Coalition Governments View Panel Details
P141Governance and Management at Universities View Panel Details
P199Long-Term Trends and Recent Changes in Party Politics at EU Level View Panel Details
P203Mapping Methods, Mapping Research Traditions View Panel Details
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