New in softback: Zohlnhöfer, Rüb and others assess the Multiple Streams Framework


Policy issues have grown ever more complex and politically more contestable. So governments in advanced democracies often do not understand the problems they have to deal with and do not know how to solve them. 

Thus, rational problem-solving models are highly unconvincing, but the Multiple-Streams Framework starts out from these conditions. This volume, edited by Reimut Reimut  Zohlnhöfer & Friedbert  Rüb, and newly released in paperback, assesses the Framework's strengths and weaknesses from different angles.

Chapters explore systematically and empirically the Framework’s potential in different national contexts and in policy areas from climate change and foreign policy to healthcare and the welfare state. 

Softback ISBN 9781785522536
Hardback ISBN 9781785521256


Praise for this book

'This outstanding compilation provides a theoretically in-depth and empirically profound discussion, implementation and problematisation of the Multiple-Streams Approach. The contributors are a mixture of high-ranking experts and talented junior researchers who enhance our broader understanding of the theoretical framework and examine thoroughly the possibilities of applying the approach in practice.' — Nils Bandelow, Technische Universität Braunschweig

Contributors to Decision-Making under Ambiguity and Time Constraints

Nicolás Barbieri
Thomas Birkland
Raquel Gallego
Sheila González
Dan Hansén
Nicole Herweg
Michael Howlett
Christian Huß
Åsa Knaggård
Johanna Kuhlmann
Allan McConnell
Anthony Perl
Iris Reus
Harald Sætren
Florian Spohr
Megan Warnement
Nikolaos Zahariadis

Keywords: Political Methodology, Decision Making, Policy Change, Policy Implementation

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