Call for Papers – European and American Democracy and its Discontents: the Origins, Nature and Impact of Anti-Establishment Politics


In 2018, the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, from 30 August – 2 September, and the ECPR will, as usual, be running a Panel. 

The Panel, European and American Democracy and its Discontents: the Origins, Nature and Impact of Anti-Establishment Politics, chaired by ECPR Director Martin Bull, takes its topic directly from the APSA conference theme, Democracy and its Discontents.

It will be ten years since the eruption of the global economic crisis in 2008, and the ramifications of that crisis are still being felt across Europe and North America.

The European democratic political systems, the European Union and the United States are confronted with huge challenges on the economic, social, political and institutional fronts, which have led to rising discontent with established politics among voters, and a consequent rapid undermining – if not, in some cases, collapse – of the traditional political parties representing voter interests.

Political competition has become increasingly focused on new parties, movements and individuals who claim to challenge or want to overthrow traditional politics.

In the new era of social media, where politics appear to have ‘sped up’, the impact of these new actors is all the more dramatic. This Panel aims to explore these processes of change and their implications.

Your Paper

We seek Paper proposals on any aspects of anti-establishment politics in Europe and/or the United States which analyse the origins, nature and impact of the above-mentioned processes of change on European and North American party and political systems.

We especially welcome comparative analyses, but we are also interested in single-country or EU case studies which illuminate broader trends at work.

You will need an APSA account to propose a Paper through the APSA system.

Please also send a copy of your Paper proposal to Martin Bull, ECPR Director, to whom informal enquires about the Panel can also be made.

Deadline for proposals: Tuesday 16 January 2018
After this date, Papers will be selected and the Panel constructed

Keywords: Democracy, Populism, Social Movements, Social Media, Political Activism, Protests

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