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Meet our 2021 Rising Star, Julia Schulte-Cloos

We are delighted to honour Julia Schulte-Cloos with our 2021 Rising Star Award. Julia is our second 'rising star' since the award was established as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations to:

  • recognise outstanding early career scholars;
  • honour their achievements;
  • provide them with the opportunity to develop their network and skills even further with ECPR support.

It is our pleasure to celebrate Julia's successes. To capture this special moment and share it with our community, we have created a short video featuring Julia, our Jury Chair Amy Verdun, and Julia's nominator Klaus Goetz, ECPR Official Representative for the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU).

About our winner

Julia Schulte-Cloos

Julia Schulte-Cloos is a Marie-Curie funded Research Fellow at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU). She holds a PhD in Political Science from the European University Institute. Julia combines an interest in the study of political behaviour with a strong passion for computational methods for social sciences.

In her current Marie Sklodowska-Curie research project, she investigates how political conflict transforms when democratic norms come under pressure, and what consequences such transformations have for citizens' attitudes toward liberal democracy, for their political action repertoires, and for the crystallization of their distinct social identities. She examines the role that these social identities play in shaping citizens' voting behaviour and in informing their political engagement online. Her most recent research has appeared in Political Behavior, Party Politics, and Electoral Studies.

Julia is an open science advocate and expert on computational reproducibility, seeking to promote such open science practices by offering advanced training programs and developing tools for reproducible research workflows.

She tweets @jschultecloos.

In her own words

'I am very honoured to receive the Rising Star Award. I feel it is a great privilege to receive such an award from the ECPR and I am truly grateful to the many scholars who have inspired me in my early career.'

From our jury

'[Julia] has obtained an outstanding academic performance throughout her career to date. Her recent performance in terms of publications and teaching are simply astounding [...] Her publications have come out in leading journals such as Electoral Studies, European Union Politics, Journal of European Public Policy, Party Politics and Political Behavior. [...] She has held various visiting positions at a number of academic institutions in different countries and environments – University of Chapel Hill in North Carolina, Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Vienna, and Aarhus University.

During the past few years, she has also generously served the profession. She has been involved in the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS), tutor for the data clinic at the EUI, for three years she was the principal organiser of the Quantitative Methods Working Group of the EUI, and been already involved in various service capacities at the LMU (Open Science Centre; and the Research Ethics Committee).

She is committed to open science and to facilitating reproducibility. She has developed a ‘reproducr package’ that allows users without any prior knowledge of R Markdown to implement reproducible research practices in their scientific workflows. Finally, she has disseminated her work through blogs, published through the ECPR Political Science Blog ‘The Loop’ as well as the LSE EUROPP Blog.'

Read full laudation

2021 Rising Star Award jury members

  • Amy Verdun University of Victoria (Chair)
  • Ladislav Cabada Metropolitan University Prague
  • Giliberto Capano Bologna University
  • Daniela Irrera University of Catania
  • Hana Kubátová Charles University
  • Tanja Munro Director of ECPR

Our jury also wished to extend an honourable mention to Stefan Müller, Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow at the University College Dublin, who received his PhD in 2019 from Trinity College Dublin. They note in particular his publication record, his teaching, and his generous service to the profession.


14 January 2022
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