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About the Press

ECPR Press is the publishing arm of the European Consortium for Political Research.

We publish cutting-edge research across all fields of political science, international relations and political thought, without restriction in approach or regional focus. The Press is also open to interdisciplinary work with a predominant political dimension.

Our thriving catalogue covers four book series: MonographsEssaysClassics, and the highly regarded Studies in European Political Science

We welcome book proposals based on high-quality research in all areas of political studies. Our experienced editors guarantee to deal with all proposals swiftly, efficiently, and professionally. 

ECPR Press can help you reach the key audience for your book through a targeted marketing plan, and strong presence at all ECPR conferences and events.

Find out more, and read detailed submission guidelines, on our Authors page.

The team

Editor Alexandra Segerberg, Stockholm University
Editor Peter Kennealy, European University Institute

Associate Editor Ian O’Flynn, University of Newcastle
Associate Editor Laura Sudulich, University of Kent

Contact any member of our editorial team on

Press Manager Mark Kench

Production Editor Simon Ward

Current series

Studies in European Political Science Edited, multi-authored volumes of cutting-edge research originating from ECPR events such as the Joint Sessions of Workshops and Research Sessions. The Studies series is a significant source of new research, and the ECPR Press’s rigorous, professional publishing and editorial processes are perfectly suited to bringing these influential volumes to publication quickly, so that the material is fresh and relevant to scholars.

Monographs Single-subject research by established and emerging members of the political science profession. The series also includes English translations of work previously published in another language.

Essays Collections of journal articles and essays brought together in a single volume that provide a rich source of material on a single theme or from a single author.

Classics Re-publications of works that have had a significant impact on political science, but were no longer available. Each book includes a new introduction by the 
author/editor that contextualises the original, and updates the ideas that originally made the book a classic.

To browse our catalogue, and see what's coming up soon, visit the bookshop.


"Man is by nature a political animal" - Aristotle

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