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European Political Science Review (EPSR)

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Impact Factor: 1.755

The European Political Science Review (EPSR) publishes high quality scholarly research in political science, focusing on the most important debates in the discipline and demonstrating the highest possible standards in conceptualisation, theorisation and methodology. EPSR publishes empirical papers based on both qualitative or quantitative methodologies whose research is placed within the context of larger (theoretical) debates in the discipline. EPSR also welcomes conceptual and theoretical papers as well as contributions from the field of normative political theory. EPSR is not concerned solely with European political issues nor is it conceived as exclusively for European scholars and publishes submissions dealing with global issues and non-European topics.













Matt Qvortrup Coventry University 
Carlos Closa European University Institute

Associate Editor

Catherine Moury Faculty of Human Sciences and Humanities - NOVA FCSH


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