From Maastricht to Brexit by Richard Bellamy and Dario Castiglione

About the General Conference

The ECPR's first General Conference took place in Canterbury, UK in 2001. Since then, General Conferences have been held every other year in a range of European cities. Due to its success, the General Conference became an annual event in 2014.

The academic programme takes the standard conference format of Sections, which have within them between three and eight Panels. These Sections are organised around a common theme and major research questions. It brings together scholars from across all regional and national borders and all sub-disciplines of political science, providing a forum for rich discussion and the furtherment of research. The academic programme is split into a number of Sections, each encompassing Panels addressing a common theme. Presenting a Paper within one of these Panels therefore provides the opportunity to present research to peers with common research interests and to benefit from the resultant discussion and debate.

In addition to Sections and Panels, there are roundtables, a plenary lecture and an interesting social programme.


"The less the power, the greater the desire to exercise it" - Bernard Levin

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