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Privacy Policy

There are several forms included on this web site that collect personal information, much of which will be retained for future reference within a database to which access is restricted to appropriate Central Services staff. We will not pass on any of this information to third parties without obtaining your permission first.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act you are entitled to see any information that we collect from you and store for future reference. If you would like to exercise this right please contact us

Using the ECPR Logo

If you reproduce the ECPR Logo on your website or in print, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • The ECPR is the sole owner of the ECPR logo, and use of the ECPR logo acknowledges such.
  • The ECPR reserves the right to take action against any use of its logo that does not conform to the conditions specified here.
  • Use of the ECPR Logo does not automatically create any endorsement, approval, sponsorship or affiliation with your website or company.
  • If publishing the ECPR logo online, you agree that it will always link to the ECPR website, and that this link will remain active
  • The ECPR Logo must be used as specified in our brand guidelines.
  • The ECPR Logo will not appear on pages that include content about, or advertising for, alcohol or religious groups, or on pages that include pornographic, violent or racist materials.

The ECPR reserves the right to revoke or request the removal of its logo for any reason. If you agree to the terms and conditions above, download the ECPR Logos as jpegs here:

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Or as eps files here:
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Cookie Information

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer when you visit websites. These files can then be sent back to that website allowing it to remember details of your visits. They are used by nearly every website in order to make its basic features work as well as providing useful information for improving the website for end users. The table below details the cookies we currently use.

Cookie Name Purpose
Session Management ASP.NET_SessionId These cookies are essential for the website to work correctly during your visit. They are not used to personally identify you and are deleted when you close your browser.
MyECPR Login myECPR This cookie is required for the site to maintain your login status which is necessary to provide access to MyECPR.
ECPR Menu Control ECPRMenuState This cookie is used to store the current state of your menu which allows the menu to function better.
Google Analytics __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz Google Analytics allows us to gather important information about how people use the website.
New Website Alert AlertCookie ECPR displays a banner upon first visiting the website. When you dismiss the banner, we store a cookie so that you never see that banner again.

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