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The Comparative Politics Series is a series of long lasting repute. Founded in 1990 and published in partnership with Oxford University Press, the Series is devoted to the comparative study of contemporary government and politics, with a specific interest in the comparative domestic politics of institutions and political actors. Global in scope, books in the Series are characterised by a stress on comparative analysis and strong methodological rigour.

It aims at publishing cutting edge, in-depth analyses on these topics, and to provide a forum for scholars to share their work on themes ranging from democracy, electoral reform, money and politics, parliaments, cabinets and coalitions, representation, political leaders and personalization, party organizations and intra-party democracy, democratic linkage and public opinion, etc.

Whatever the focus, the Series ambitions to be at the forefront of the scientific debates in the field. Titles in the Series are regularly nominated for prizes throughout the year, including various APSA prizes and the CPSA Prize in Comparative Politics.


Editorial team

Ferdinand Müller-Rommel, University of Lüneburg (
Susan Scarrow, University of Houston (
Emilie van Haute, Université libre de Bruxelles (


Books published in this series

The Politics of Party Leadership. A Cross-National Perspective. William Cross and Jean-Benoit Pilet
Faces on the Ballot. The Personalisation of Electoral Systems in Europe. Alan Renwick and Jean-Benoit Pilet
How Europeans View and Evaluate Democracy. Mónica Ferrín, Hanspeter Kriesi
Beyond Party Members: Changing Approaches to Partisan Mobilization Susan Scarrow
Cabinets and Coalition Bargaining: The Democractic Life Cycle in Western Europe Kaare Strøm, Wolfgang C. Müller, Torbjörn Bergman
Challenging the State: Devolution and the Battle for Partisan Credibility. A Comparison of Belgium, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom Sonia Alonso
Citizens, Democracy, and Markets Around the Pacific Rim: Congruence Theory and Political Culture Russell J. Dalton, Doh Chull Shin, Doh Chull Shin
Coalition Governments in Western Europe Wolfgang C. Müller, Kaare Strøm
Delegation and Accountability in Parliamentary Democracies Kaare Strøm, Wolfgang C. Müller, Torbjörn Bergman
Democracy Transformed? Expanding Political Opportunities in Advanced Industrial Democracies Bruce E. Cain, Russell J. Dalton, Susan E. Scarrow
Democracy within Parties: Candidate Selection Methods and Their Political Consequences Reuven Y. Hazan, Gideon Rahat
Democratic Challenges, Democratic Choices: The Erosion of Political Support in Advanced Industrial Democracies Russell J. Dalton
Democratic Representation in Europe: Diversity, Change, and Convergence Maurizio Cotta, Heinrich Best
Designing Democracy in a Dangerous World Andrew Reynolds
Divided Government in Comparative Perspective Robert Elgie
Elections, Parties, Democracy: Conferring the Median Mandate Michael D. McDonald, Ian Budge
Electoral Malpractice Sarah Birch
Electoral Systems and Party Systems: A Study of Twenty-Seven Democracies, 1945-1990 Arend Lijphart
Environmental Protest in Western Europe Christopher Rootes
Extreme Right Parties in Western Europe Piero Ignazi
Faces on the Ballot: The Personalization of Electoral Systems in Europe Alan Renwick, Jean-Benoit Pilet
How Europeans View and Evaluate Democracy Mónica Ferrín, Hanspeter Kriesi
If Money Talks, What Does it Say? Corruption and Business Financing of Political Parties Iain McMenamin
Institutional Design and Party Government in Post-Communist Europe Csaba Nikolenyi
Intergovernmental Cooperation: Rational Choices in Federal Systems and Beyond Nicole Bolleyer
Learning Democracy: Democratic and Economic Values in Unified Germany Robert Rohrschneider
Linking Citizens and Parties: How Electoral Systems Matter for Political Representation Lawrence Ezrow
Localism and Centralism in Europe: The Political and Legal Bases of Local Self-Government Edward C. Page
Losers' Consent: Elections and Democratic Legitimacy Christopher J. Anderson, André Blais, Shaun Bowler, Todd Donovan, Ola Listhaug
Mixed-Member Electoral Systems: The Best of Both Worlds? Matthew Shugart, Martin P. Wattenberg
New Parties in Old Party Systems: Persistence and Decline in Seventeen Democracies Nicole Bolleyer
Organizing Democratic Choice: Party Representation Over Time Ian Budge, Michael McDonald, Paul Pennings, Hans Keman
Parliamentary Representatives in Europe 1848-2000: Legislative Recruitment and Careers in Eleven European Countries Heinrich Best, Maurizio Cotta
Parliaments and Coalitions: The Role of Legislative Institutions in Multiparty Governance Lanny W. Martin, Georg Vanberg
Parties and Democracy: Coalition Formation and Government Functioning in Twenty States Ian Budge, Hans Keman
Parties and Their Members: Organizing for Victory in Britain and Germany Susan E. Scarrow
Parties Without Partisans: Political Change in Advanced Industrial Democracies Russell J. Dalton, Martin P. Wattenberg
Party Patronage and Party Government in European Democracies Petr Kopecký, Peter Mair, Maria Spirova
Party Politics in New Democracies Paul Webb, Stephen White
Platform or Personality? The Role of Party Leaders in Elections Amanda Bittner
Political Data Handbook: OECD Countries Second Edition Jan-Erik Lane, David McKay, Kenneth Newton
Political Institutions: Democracy and Social Choice Josep M. Colomer
Political Leaders and Democratic Elections Kees Aarts, André Blais, Hermann Schmitt
Political Parties: Old Concepts and New Challenges Richard Gunther, José Ramón Montero, Juan J. Linz
Political Parties in Advanced Industrial Democracies Paul Webb, David Farrell, Ian Holliday
Political Parties in the New Europe: Political and Analytical Challenges Kurt Richard Luther, Ferdinand Müller-Rommel
Politics at the Centre: The Selection and Removal of Party Leaders in the Anglo Parliamentary Democracies William P. Cross, André Blais
Redistricting in Comparative Perspective Lisa Handley, Bernard Grofman
Representing the People: A Survey Among Members of Statewide and Substate Parliaments Kris Deschouwer, Sam Depauw
Self-Interest and Public Interest in Western Politics Leif Lewin, Donald Lavery
Semi-Presidentialism: Sub-Types And Democratic Performance Robert Elgie
Social Movements and Networks: Relational Approaches to Collective Action Mario Diani, Doug McAdam
State Formation, Nation-Building, and Mass Politics in Europe: The Theory of Stein Rokkan Stein Rokkan, Stein Kuhnle, Peter Flora, Derek Urwin
The Challenges of Intra-Party Democracy William P. Cross, Richard S. Katz
The Dynamics of Two-Party Politics: Party Structures and the Management of Competition Alan Ware
The European Voter: A Comparative Study of Modern Democracies Jacques Thomassen
The Gendered Effects of Electoral Institutions: Political Engagement and Participation Miki Caul Kittilson, Leslie A. Schwindt-Bayer
The Limits of Electoral Reform Shaun Bowler, Todd Donovan
The Performance of Democracies: Political Institutions and Public Policy Edeltraud Roller, John Bendix
The Politics of Party Funding: State Funding to Political Parties and Party Competition in Western Europe Michael Koß
The Presidentialization of Politics: A Comparative Study of Modern Democracies Thomas Poguntke, Paul Webb
The Strain of Representation: How Parties Represent Diverse Voters in Western and Eastern Europe Robert Rohrschneider, Stephen Whitefield
When Citizens Decide: Lessons from Citizen Assemblies on Electoral Reform Patrick Fournier, Henk van der Kolk, R. Kenneth Carty, André Blais, Jonathan Rose

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