ECPR General Conference
Sciences Po, Bordeaux
4 - 7 September 2013

Academic Programme - Panels

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P022Bad Times to Win: Elections in Southern Europe in Times of Crisis View Panel Details
P074Crisis and Welfare Retrenchment View Panel Details
P123Facing the Crisis in Southern Europe: Civil Society and Social-Protest Movements View Panel Details
P136Gender and the Economic Crisis in Southern Europe View Panel Details
P205Media Representations of the EU Crisis: Stereotypes, Prejudices and Emotions in Southern Europe View Panel Details
P240Party Politics in a ‘Crisis Zone’: Party System Change in Southern Europe View Panel Details
P268Protest in the Age of Austerity: Democracy, Legitimacy and Mobilisation in Southern Europe View Panel Details
P301Southern European Labour Contention: New and Old Repertoires, Social Alliances, and Party Relations View Panel Details
P316The Crisis and the Welfare State: Southern Europe in Comparative Perspective View Panel Details
P317The Crisis Impact on the State Apparatus of Southern Europe: National and Comparative Studies View Panel Details
P321The End of the EU as Modernising Vincolo Esterno? Differentiated Integration in Southern Europe View Panel Details
P342The Impacts of the Global Crisis on South European Environmental Politics View Panel Details
P403Varieties of Capitalism in Southern Europe Since the Crisis View Panel Details


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