How the rise of populist parties is changing European party systems


Absorbing the Blow - Populist Parties and their Impact on Parties and Party SystemsThe growing presence of populist parties in party systems is undeniable. The Dutch Freedom Party, the French National Front, and the Five Star Movement in Italy rank among the largest in their party systems.

New from ECPR Press and Rowman & Littlefield International is Absorbing the Blow, the first comprehensive study examining the impact of populist parties on eleven European party systems.

The multi-authored collection, edited by Andrej Zaslove and Steven Wolinetz, and featuring contributions from Matthijs RooduijnSarah de LangeFernando Casal Bértoa and Simona Guerra, among others, seeks to analyse the way mainstream parties absorb the blow of populist party activity.

The prevailing view on populist parties – one that is shared by some of this book's contributors – is that they have had minimal impact on parties and party systems. But Absorbing the Blow shows that their impact can be considerable. Populist parties are growing while mainstream parties continue to struggle.  

The book stemmed from a question that Steve asked Andrej – whether anything had been done on the impact that populist parties had had on parties and parties systems. Andrej indicated that there was some, but not much. Enlisting other scholars, they organised a mini-conference at the Council for European Studies meetings in Barcelona. From there, the volume emerged.

Steven and Andrej hope that Absorbing the Blow will further the debate on the impact of populist parties and the circumstances in which parties and party systems change.

Steven Wolinetz and Andrej ZasloveAbout the authors

Steven B. Wolinetz is Professor Emeritus in Political Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has written widely on political parties and the politics of smaller European democracies.  

Andrej Zaslove’s research interest and published work focuses on populism and political parties. He publishes on measuring populism (among individuals), on foreign policy and populism, on gender and populism, and on populism and party systems.

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Andrej Zaslove

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Keywords: Political Parties, Populism

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