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Gender Study 2017Although political science is still a ‘male discipline’ across Europe, and female full professors in the social sciences make up just 23% of the total, here at ECPR, we know that academia cannot reach its full potential unless it benefits from the talents of all.

Around half of MyECPR accounts belong to female scholars, and close to 50% of our event participants are women. But the gender balance in other aspects of our work needs improvement.

ECPR wants become a gender-equal role model for the discipline. We are aiming for gender-equal composition in all our sub-organisations, activities and events.

Achieving this aim will take commitment, and action.

To this end, we published our first Gender Study in spring 2017, looking at levels of participation of women and men across all ECPR activities during 2016.

Our Executive Committee discussed these findings and agreed to make the Gender Study an annual activity.

The newly published Gender Study compares levels of participation across all ECPR's activities in 2016 and 2017.

Drawing on the outcomes of these Studies, the Executive Committee led by Birgit Sauer (EC member 2012–2018) drafted a Gender Equality Plan (GEP), setting out targets to reach gender-equal participation across all ECPR's sub-organisations, activities and events over the coming years.

The impact of the GEP will be monitored regularly by ECPR's Executive Committee, and reviewed formally each year through the Gender Study.

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