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ECPR Bonus Fund – 2024 allocation

The Executive Committee has agreed the following activities for the 2024 allocation of the Bonus Fund:

Research Development Grant


Criteria for eligibility

  • Available to any ECPR Standing Group (SG) or Research Network (RN) wishing to support a significant research project, multinational teaching programme, or other scientific activities of the group.
  • SGs/RNs previously successful in receiving this grant are not eligible to apply again within a three-year period.
  • Only one proposal per SG/RN can be submitted per calendar year.

Funding awarded

  • Funding could be used to support meetings, small workshops, publications, or other such activities.
  • The grant will be allocated to the SG/RN’s account and paid out on the basis of either receipts or invoices.
  • Any part of the grant unspent at the end of the financial year will be transferred back into ECPR’s general funds.
  • On completion of the ECPR-funded activities, the SG/RN should submit a brief report to the Executive Committee explaining how the funds contributed to further its activities and benefited its members.

Evaluation criteria

Groups should submit an application to detailing:
  • The focus, objectives and desired outcomes of the project or activity.
  • The gap the project or activity is meant to fill in political science, international relations or related discipline.
  • The activities planned.
  • How the planned activity will directly benefit the community and/or knowledge field within the SG/RN.
  • Gender balance and geographic spread of member institutions.
  • A budget.


  • Call for applications opens 12 June 2024
  • Deadline for applications 23 September 2024
  • Successful proposals confirmed November 2024