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ECPR Bonus Fund – 2022 allocation

The Executive Committee has agreed the following activities for the 2022 allocation of the Bonus Fund:

Research Project Grant


Criteria for eligibility

  • Available to any Standing Group (SG) or Research Network (RN) of the ECPR working on developing a bid to a major funder for a significant research project
  • SGs or RNs previously successful in receiving this grant are not eligible to apply again within a three-year period

Funding awarded

  • Seed funding to support the development of applications for collaborative research grants across national borders to be submitted to national funding councils, the European Commission or comparable funding bodies supporting research; or applications to develop innovative multinational teaching programmes (eg joint Masters degrees)
  • Funding could be used to support meetings, small workshops or other such activities related to the grant application process
  • The grant will be allocated to the SG/RN’s account and paid out on the basis of either receipts or invoices
  • Any part of the grant unspent at the end of the financial year will be transferred back into ECPR’s general funds
  • On completion of the ECPR-funded activities, the SG or RN should submit a full report to the Executive Committee, including the status of the bid application. The SG or RN should also inform the EC on the outcome of the bid and, if successful, keep it updated as to the progress of the project

Application process and criteria for evaluation

Groups should submit an application to detailing:
  • The focus, objectives and desired outcomes of the project for which they wish to develop a funding bid
  • The name of the funding body, amount to be applied for, details of the timeframe and application process, and any key requirements of the funder
  • The activities they wish to undertake in order to develop their bid, which require ECPR funding
  • Over time, the ECPR may take into consideration criteria such as thematic area/focus of research to ensure representation of the political science community


  • Call for applications opens 27 June 2022
  • Deadline for applications 19 September 2022
  • Successful proposals confirmed October 2022