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Gender participation and equality

The ECPR published its first Gender Study in spring 2017, looking at levels of participation of women and men in all ECPR activities during 2016. The Executive Committee discussed the findings at its meeting in Oslo, September 2017 and agreed to make this review of participation data an annual activity.

The 2017 Study was presented to the Executive Committee at its August 2018 meeting in Hamburg, and has now been published.

Drawing on the outcomes of the 2016 and 2017 Studies, the Executive Committee led by Birgit Sauer (EC member 2012–2018) drafted a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) which was also approved at the Hamburg meeting.

The GEP sets out a series of targets to reach gender-equal participation across all ECPR's sub-organisations, activities and events. Its impact will be monitored regularly by the Executive Committee, and reviewed formally each year through the Gender Study.

Gender Study 2016

Gender Study 2017

Gender Equality Plan (August 2018)


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