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Di Garage – Online Seminar Series in Differentiated Integration


Latest garage

Thursday 1 July, 14:00 BST / 15:00 CEST

Framing European (dis)integration – a dialectical approach

Speaker – Aleksandra Spalińska, University of Warsaw


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About the speaker

Aleksandra Spalińska is a PhD candidate at the University of Warsaw. She authored the following books: Idea of New Medievalism and the Processes of European (Dis)integration (in Polish, 2017), and Politics and Power Between the Archetype of Polis and the Universe of New Medievalism (in Polish, 2019).

Alexandra's research interests include IR theory and concepts, European integration theory, new medievalism, theory of research praxis in post-positivists streams. Her dissertation aims at (re)appraising and expanding new medievalism as a conception of world order for the research praxis purposes.

Our Research Network on Differentiated Integration in the European Union is delighted to present Di Garage – an online seminar series to support its mission of fostering exchange and collaboration between colleagues researching DI in the EU.

Launched in May 2021, this new venture comprises short presentations of ideas and work in progress, followed by a moderated discussion. It provides a stimulating and engaging space to try out new ideas and receive constructive feedback on evolving ideas and projects.

Join this event to:

  • Explore the latest thinking in the field
  • Connect with fellow colleagues working in the field
  • Share your insights and debate the topics presented

About the Standing Group

The Research Network on Differentiated Integration in the EU provides a collaborative network and infrastructure for junior and senior scholars working on different aspects of differentiated integration broadly conceived, including its empirical, legal and historical mapping, its normative theorising and broader reflection on what differentiated integration means for processes of European integration. The group is methodologically plural and welcomes scholars whatever their theoretical or methodological focus, also beyond the field of political science. Find out more.

How to join

The event is open to anyone interested in research on differentiated integration in the European Union, completely FREE! Registration is required but you'll only need to register once for the entire series. You’ll need a MyECPR account to register.

  1. Register for the Seminar Series
  2. Click 'Add to Itinerary' beside your chosen session in the Timetable
  3. Your itinerary is available through My Events in My ECPR
  4. A link to join the session will appear in your itinerary 15-minutes before the start of the session
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