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Guidelines and deadlines

In this guide


The Academic Programme will be organised in the format of Workshops (in-person* and virtual) with Papers elected by the Workshop's Directors.

The format of each Workshop is indicated as a prefix in the code shown in the Academic Programme – EDI for in-person Workshops at the University of Edinburgh*, and VIR for virtual Workshops. 

Workshops may cover all the main areas of political science, including comparative politics, public policy and public administration, political theory, international relations and European studies.

Participants may attend only one Workshop and must fully participate in all of the Workshop sessions.

Proposals process

There is a two-stage process for submitting proposals to the Academic Programme:

Call for Workshops 8 October – 15 November 2021 (midnight UK time)
Call for Papers 16 December 2021 – 2 February 2022 (midnight UK time)

The final Academic Programme will appear on the ECPR website in late February. A full Workshop schedule will be sent by the Workshop's Directors ahead of the event.

Proposing a Workshop

8 October – 15 November 2021, midnight UK time
  • Any scholar belonging to an ECPR Full Member institution
  • Associate Members may co-direct with a scholar belonging to a Full Member institution
  • Past Workshop Directors cannot apply to direct a Workshop at the following two Joint Sessions

Owing to the large amount of work involved in organising a Workshop, we recommend two Directors (though two is the maximum allowed), who must come from institutions in two different countries.

  • Desired Workshop format – face-to-face or virtual
  • Directors' details as registered in My ECPR
  • An outline of the academic content
  • Typical participant profile
  • Types of Papers anticipated

Workshop proposals should be submitted here before 15 November 2021, midnight UK time.

Workshop proposals can be formally endorsed by one or more Standing Groups. Aspiring Workshop directors should contact Steering Committee Chairs to seek such endorsement and must confirm the endorsement when submitting the online form.

Standing Group-endorsed proposals are treated preferentially. Of two equal-quality proposals, priority is given to the one endorsed by a Standing Group.

If a particular Standing Group endorses multiple proposals, only one can be accepted. We also seek to give space to different Standing Groups over time.

The Joint Sessions generally comprises 20–30 Workshops, though this may be different for the hybrid format. 

We do receive many more proposals than we can accommodate, and therefore have to make a selection, based on two criteria:

  • academic quality
  • good balance between different approaches and sub-disciplines in political science, and balance of topics over time, year on year.

Each proposal is evaluated by the ECPR Executive Committee portfolio holder.

Proposers will be informed about the outcome of their submissions by mid December 2021.

Information for Directors

Workshop Directors should:

  • ensure the Workshop is open to all scholars working in the Workshop’s subject field, and must not restrict their choices to personal networks only
  • include participants from a wide geographical spread of institutions
  • aim to achieve a healthy mix of age and gender
  • allow collaboration between scholars at all stages of their careers, from research students to full professors. If graduate students are accepted, however, they should be well advanced in their research.

Standing Groups that have endorsed a Workshop should invite their members to submit.

In the final selection for each Workshop, there cannot be more than two Papers presented by scholars from the same institution, and no more than two Papers on which one of the authors is from an ECPR Non-Member institution*. If a Paper is co-authored, up to two of its authors can participate in the Workshop.

*You may seek Non-Member participation only when you feel it is essential to the academic development of the Workshop.

Joint Sessions Workshops offer ample time to discuss each Paper and to reflect together on the Workshop’s topic. A Workshop should therefore last for the whole eight sessions unless there are exceptional reasons for finishing early. All participants are expected to be present at every session.

Once their Paper is accepted, participants should upload it via the ECPR online portal, or send to the Workshop's Directors by the date requested.

Workshop Directors will be expected to organise the timing of the presentations and should send a detailed programme of the Workshop’s meetings to all participants well in advance of the event.

Schedules are determined by the Workshop's Directors, but:

  • Workshops will be held between Tuesday 19 and Friday 22 April
  • During the proposals phase, virtual Workshop Directors may indicate which days (full or half) they would prefer for their Workshop to run.

Participants may attend only one Workshop and must fully participate in all of the Workshop sessions.

Proposing a Paper

16 December 2021 – 2 February 2022, midnight UK time

Please ensure that you are aware of the Workshop format before submitting your proposal. It is indicated as a prefix in the Workshop code shown in the Academic Programme.

  • Anyone conducting research in the field covered by the Workshop
  • Only 10% of the total number of participants in a Workshop can be from an ECPR Non-Member institution – Workshop Directors will select on this basis
  • Anyone proposing a Paper must have a My ECPR account.

Papers sent directly to Workshop Directors will not be considered.

  • The Workshop number and/or title you wish to propose to, as listed in the Academic Programme
  • The Paper title (no more than 20 words)
  • The abstract (no more than 500 words)
  • 3–8 keywords, selected from a predetermined list, indicating the Paper’s subject, theme and scope. We use these keywords to categorise Papers, enabling users to search the online programme.
  • The Co-author’s email address as registered in My ECPR (if applicable)

From 2 February 2022, Workshop Directors can access all submitted proposals to start selecting the Papers and you will be notified of the Directors' decision by 23 February 2022.

You may attend only one Workshop and must be present and fully participate in all of the Workshop sessions.


24 February – 6 March 2022, midnight UK time
Event participation grants

Open to PhD students and early career scholars from ECPR Full Member Institutions.

Check eligibility and apply.

50th Anniversary Fund

Available to individual scholars who are not eligible to apply for our standard event participant funding scheme.

Check eligibility and apply.

If you applied for funding, please do not register until you have heard about the outcome of your application.


24 February – 24 March 2022, midnight UK time

Participants attending and appearing in any capacity in the Academic Programme must register and pay through ECPR’s online system before the registration deadline.

All participants must pay a fee, with the exception of participants from the host institution, and Workshop Directors, all of whom are exempt from payment, but must still register. Those not registered and paid by the registration deadline will be withdrawn from the Workshops.

Paper upload

24 February – 11 April 2022, midnight UK time

Papers should be in PDF file format, in English. To specify further preferences and presentation times, contact your Workshop Director.

Approved Papers should be uploaded via the Presenter's My ECPR profile. Uploading your Paper via My ECPR constitutes an agreement for ECPR to publish the Paper on this website.

Please upload or circulate your Paper to fellow Workshop attendees by 11 April 2022 so they have time to prepare comments and questions.


While we are actively planning to host the physical part of the event at the University of Edinburgh, we are prepared to adopt a fully virtual format, if necessary.

Visas are the responsibility of the individual. Depending on the purpose of travel and your country of origin, different types of visas will apply. Enquire well in advance about entry regulations at the embassy or consulate in your home country. Visa letters will be supplied only when we have received your registration fee in full and after the 7-day cooling-off period. ECPR cannot offer any further advice on visas.