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Guidelines and deadlines


The Academic Programme will be organised in the format of Sections, each comprising a variety of Panels in a given field.

The programme will be very broad, with Sections covering all the main areas of political science, including comparative politics, public policy and public administration, political theory, international relations and European studies.

Open Section
  • Accepts Panel and individual Paper proposals that do not fit into any of the listed Sections. 
  • Also welcomes proposals of varying formats, including roundtable-style discussions, book presentations or critique sessions.

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Proposals process

There is a two-stage process for submitting proposals:

Call for Sections 3 November – 8 December 2021 (midnight UK time)
Call for full Panels and individual Papers 13 January – 16 February 2022 (midnight UK time)

The Academic Programme will be available on the ECPR website by the end of March 2022 and participants will be notified of the outcome of their proposal as soon as possible on/after 4 April 2022. A full timetable will be published by mid-June 2022.

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Participation rules

  • Individuals may perform the function of Section Chair, Panel Chair and Discussant only once.
  • Paper Presenters can present no more than two Papers.
  • Each Section should have one Chair and one Co-Chair.
  • Section Chair must be from an ECPR Full Member institution.
  • Participants should ensure their availability for the entire duration of the conference.

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Proposing Sections

3 November – 8 December 2021, midnight UK time
  • Each Section must have one Chair and one Co-Chair.
  • Section Chair must be from an ECPR Full Member institution.
  • Co‑Chair may come from a Full, Associate or non-member institution.
  • Only the proposed Section Chair may submit a Section proposal. 

Both Section Chair and Co-Chair need a My ECPR profile. If you don’t already have one, it takes just a few clicks to create.

  • Section title (no more than 20 words)
  • An overview of your Section and the description of the Panels planned, including themes and potential Chairs (no more than 1,000 words)
  • Section Chair and Co-Chair details, as registered in My ECPR
  • 3–8* keywords, selected from a predetermined list, indicating the Section's subject, theme and scope
  • Requested number of Panels (3–8)

NB: Formal Panel proposals should be submitted by Panel Chairs at the second stage of the application process.

*We use keywords to categorise Sections, Panels and Papers, enabling users to search the online programme.

All Section proposals must be submitted online in English, before 8 December 2021, midnight UK time.

Standing Groups and Research Networks can endorse only one Section proposal. This may be individually or as a joint endorsement, with at least one other Standing Group/Research Network.

Please ensure that you have permission from the Standing Group or Research Network before you select them as an endorser.

Jointly endorsed Sections are not guaranteed to be accepted but will be considered more favourably in the evaluation process.

Academic Convenors will evaluate Section proposals based on the following criteria:

  • quality of the proposal
  • experience and competence of Section Chairs
  • participation potential

The preliminary allocation of Panels in each Section is determined by the Academic Convenors. This is subject to confirmation or change in light of the number of Panel/Paper proposals received before the final review in March 2022.

Proposers will be notified of the outcome of their Section submission in mid-January 2022.

If you have not received notification by 31 January 2022, please get in touch with our Events Team. Queries regarding the academic content of the proposed Section should be addressed to the Academic Convenors via the Events Team before the proposal deadline.

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Proposing Panels (with Papers) and individual Papers

13 January – 16 February 2022, midnight UK time
  • All Panels provisionally proposed as part of accepted Sections must be formally submitted via the Panel proposal form.
  • Papers submitted as part of a Panel do not need to be resubmitted individually.
  • Panels should include 3–5 Papers.
  • If your Paper has more than one author, the person making the proposal will be listed as the Paper Presenter.

To make a proposal, Panel Chairs/Co-Chairs, Discussants, Paper Presenters and Co-Authors must have a My ECPR profile. If you don’t already have one, it takes just a few clicks to create.

Applies to proposals for Panels (with Papers):
  • Panel title and abstract
  • 3–8 keywords*, selected from a predetermined list, indicating the Panel subject, theme and scope
  • Email addresses of the Panel Co-Chair (if applicable) and Discussants, as registered in My ECPR
Applies to proposals for Panels (with Papers) and individual Papers:
  • Section number and/or title you wish to propose to, as listed in the Academic Programme
  • Title, abstract and 3–8 keywords* for each Paper
  • Email address of each Paper Presenter and Co-Author (if applicable), as registered in My ECPR

*We use keywords to categorise Panels (as well as Sections and Papers), enabling users to search the online programme.

All Panel and Paper proposals must be submitted online in English, before 16 February 2022, midnight UK time.
From 13 January 2022

Section Chairs can view Panels and Papers being proposed to their Section via their My ECPR account.

From 17 February 2022

Section Chairs may approve/decline/reserve Panel and Paper proposals in their Section. Section Chairs have until 16 March 2022 to finalise their Sections via My ECPR.

Section Chairs are expected to:

  • evaluate all Panel and individual Paper proposals in their Section;
  • allocate individual Paper proposals to Panels and, where appropriate, form Panels out of individual Paper proposals;
  • allocate Chairs and Discussants for Panels in a Section;
  • consider the quality of the proposal and the fit with the Section theme when evaluating Panels and Papers.
From 17 March 2022

Academic Convenors will review approved Panels and Papers to finalise the Academic Programme. The deadline for the Academic Convenors to complete their review is 23 March 2022.

The Academic Convenors may use their discretion to reallocate Panels and Papers to other Sections and Panels as required. Section Chairs may, therefore, be asked to accommodate new Panels in their Sections, and Panel Chairs may be asked to accommodate extra Papers within their Panels. Similarly, Section Chairs may also be asked to reduce the number of their Panels and rearrange their Papers accordingly.

Proposers will be notified of the outcome of their submission on or before 24 March 2022.
If you wish to attend 

Register and pay online before the registration deadline. You'll also need to upload your full paper via your My ECPR profile or share it with the Panel Chair, Discussant and fellow Paper Presenters directly.

If you cannot attend 

Email us immediately so we can rearrange Papers if necessary.

If one of your co-authors can attend and present in your place

Email us to let us know they should be listed as Presenter.

If your Paper has been marked as reserved 

We will contact you as soon as possible if a space becomes available in the programme. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine when this will be.

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24 March – 11 April 2022, midnight UK time

Funding opportunities will be available to students and young scholars from ECPR Full Member institutions who fit the criteria – keep an eye on our future communications and Funding page.

Explore all our finding streams here.

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20 April – 29 May 2022, midnight UK time

Participants attending and appearing in any capacity in the Academic Programme must register and pay through ECPR’s online system before the registration deadline. 

Those not registered and paid by the registration deadline will be withdrawn from the Workshops.

Further details, including registration fees, will be published on the ECPR website in due course.  

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Paper upload

Please note that uploading your Paper via My ECPR constitutes an agreement for ECPR to publish the Paper on the event platform, which will be accessible to all participants.

Papers should be in PDF file format, in English. To specify further preferences and presentation times, contact your Panel Chair directly.

Approved Papers should be uploaded via the Presenter's My ECPR profile.

Please upload or circulate your Paper to fellow panellists by 15 August 2022 so they have time to prepare comments and questions.

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While we are actively planning to host the event at the University of Innsbruck, we are prepared to adopt a fully virtual format, if necessary.

Visas are the responsibility of the individual. Depending on the purpose of travel and your country of origin, different types of visas will apply. Enquire well in advance about entry regulations by consulting the Austrian embassy or consulate in your home country. Find out more.

Visa invitation letters will be supplied on request only when we have received the registration fee in full, and when the 7-day cooling-off period has passed. ECPR cannot offer any further advice on visas.

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Further information

This website is updated regularly with information about the academic and social programmes, registration, accommodation, etc.

Questions? Get in touch with our Events Team

Stay tuned: Subscribe to our Events mailing list via My ECPR

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