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Updates to the programme since 7 August 


Click here to download a pdf of the print programme. If you are accessing this document via a mobile phone or tablet, a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat must be installed on your device.

The Panel and Paper information in the printed programme represents the information in ECPR's database on 7 August 2018. Amendments made since that date will not appear in the printed programme; please check below for any updates.

Even if you decide not to travel to an ECPR event at the very last minute, it is very important to tell us you cannot attend because Panels can collapse without sufficient Papers to create a meaningful discussion, or a Chair/Discussant to lead it. Despite cancellation at short notice, Panel or Section Chairs can sometimes rearrange schedules to avoid disappointment. In the lead-up to and during the General Conference, we maintain this page to keep participants aware of changes to the Academic Programme after the date on which the printed programme went to press. If you have an update, please email us as soon as possible.

The following Panels have been cancelled



S10 P504 Unequal Representation - Challenges and Opportunities
S22 P161 Facilitating Democratic Innovations Through and Within Social Movements
S39 P509

Uses and Production of Expertise by International Organizations

S49 P321 Perspectives on Gender
S49 P324 Perspectives on Political Parties and Social Policy
S56 P511 Violence and Non-Violence
S74 P093 Corruption and Informal Practices in the Middle East 


The following Panel locations have changed




S02 P039

Bureaucratic Representations

VMP 5, Room 029

S02 P040 Bureaucrats, Experts, and Representatives: Monitoring in Multi-Actor Networks VMP 5, Room 029
S02 P224 Interactions of International Bureaucracies with Sub- And Non-State Actors VMP 5, Room 029
S02 P231 International Bureaucracies as Cognitive Actors VMP 5, Room 029
S02 P232 International Bureaucracies' Influence on Public Policy and International Organizations VMP 5, Room 029
S02 P233 International Bureaucracies Reaching Out: Coordination and Cooperation Beyond Organizational Boundaries VMP 5, Room 029
S02 P236 International Public Administration, Global Policy and Transnational Administration: Concepts, Connections, and Differences VMP 5, Room 029
S02 P456 The International Civil Service: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know? VMP 5, Room 029
S49 P020 Asia in International Affairs VMP 5, Room 029
S49 P023 Autocratic and Illiberal Norm Entrepreneurship VMP 5, Room 029
S49 P076 Compromise and Democracy: How They Get Along VMP 5, Room 2101
S49 P071 Comparing Autocracies and Democracies VMP 5, Room 029
S49 P113 Detecting and Reacting to Global and Regional Security Complexes: A New Approach to the Analysis of Interacting and Interdependent Security Issues in International Relations Theory VMP 5, Room 2101
S49 P124 Dynamics of Public Opinion: Partisanship, Ideology, and Political Involvement VMP 5, Room 2101
S74 P168 Frames, Narrative and Interpretations of Corruption and Integrity VMP 5, Room 2101
S74 P253 Lobbying and Financial Networks VMP 5, Room 2101
S74 P257 Localization of Anti-Corruption Norms and the National Dynamics of Anti-Corruption VMP 5, Room 2101
S74 P488 The State of the Art in Corruption Research and an Agenda for the Future VMP 5, Room 2101
S74 P334 Political Finance and Corruption VMP 5, Room 2101


The following Papers will be presented




S06 P153 Institutional Adaptation to Cooling Water Scarcity for Thermoelectric Power Generation Under Global Warming ROGGERO, Matteo
S19 P102 Progressive Think Tanks: Comparing Progressive European, German and Finnish Think Tank Proposals during the Financial Crisis NORDSTRÖM, Laura
S24 P397 The Conduct of Gazprom in Central and Eastern Europe: A Tool of the Kremlin, or Just an Adaptable Player? KUCHYŇKOVÁ, Petra
S27 P320 Crises, Dissention and Socialization: How Do European Crises Impact on the Socialization in the Political and Security Committee of the EU? DANIELSON, August
S27 P445 Caught Between the ACP and the AU: The European Union and Africa in the Post-Cotonou Partnership Agreement CARBONE, Maurizio
S51 P096 EU Migration, Welfare Rights and Non-Domination AITCHISON, Guy
S51 P096 Democracy is Not about Non-Domination KAPELNER, Zsolt
S61 P386 In the Name of the People and God: Religion and Populist Parties TEPE, Sultan
S71 P203 Current Illiberal Critique of Democracy NYYSSÖNEN, Heino

S75 P187

Institutional Change, Labor Unions and the Promotion of Labor Clauses in US Trade Agreements

CEZAR, Rodrigo

The following Papers have been withdrawn




S03 P209 When Caseworkers and Benefit-Recipients Meet: A Systematic Review on the Effectiveness of Meetings on Various Activation Outcomes VAN DER VALK, Sanne

S04 P528

Electoral Consequences of Government Termination

KRAUSE, Svenja

S06 P080 Social Construction of Target Populations: Insights and Synthesis from the Czech Republic KOHOUTEK, Jan
S06 P114 An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Policy Entrepreneurs and Agenda Change DE LEO, Robert
S06 P404 Disseminating the Knowledge of the Policy Process Research – Central European Journal of Public Policy KOHOUTEK, Jan
S10 P179 Non-Quota Strategies, Candidate Selection and Women’s Representation - A Case Study from the Local Level in Germany RUF, Florian
S10 P347 Cultural War 2.0? The Relevance of Gender in the Populist Radical Right. The Austrian Example SAUER, Birgit
S10 P504 How Can State Feminism Travel to the Global South? Directions Towards a Decolonial Perspective RANGEL, Patricia
S11 P052 Different Network Nodes for Different Reasons: The Case of the European Competition Network VANTAGGIATO, Francesca Pia
S11 P162 The Paradox of Technocratic Discretion in Utility Regulation VANTAGGIATO, Francesca Pia
S11 P383 Ethical Risks in the Minerals Supply Chain of Electronic Devices: Potentials and Limits of Voluntary Governance-Approaches SYDOW, Johanna
S12 P266 Institutional Fragmentation and Interplay in Regional Migration Governance LAVENEX, Sandra
S13 P074 Can Greater Fiscal Devolution Reduce Secessionism? Evidence from the Basque and Catalan Cases in Spain GRAY, Caroline
S15 P030 Moving from Climate Change to System Change: Citizen-Led Social Innovations in Climate Change Governance. KENT, Jennifer
S15 P435 Campaigning Through Media: Effects of Communication Strategies of the Belgian Civil Society Associations in the Framework of CETA and TTIP Trade Treaties Ratification Processes DUFRASNE, Marie
S15 P493 Multiple Belongings and Trade Union and Social Movement Participation in the Protests Against TTIP in Germany in 2015 ZAJAK, Sabrina
S16 P132 Double Barriers, Double Compensation? Ethnic Minority Women’s Pathways to Power in Europe ERZEEL, Silvia
S17 P370 Beyond Nativism and Authoritarianism: the Economic Agenda of the Populist Radical Right. ABTS, Koen
S17 P370 Empathy, Solidarity and Othering – The Connection Between ‘Politics of Emotions’ and Discourses on Migration MAYER, Maria
S19 P102 Deliberation or Shouting from the Outside? Progressive Think Tanks and Public Policy SOUDIAS, Dimitris
S19 P105 Proposal of a Pragmatic Research Program in the Perspective of Collaborative Dialogues’ Contribution to Policy Change DE CARLO, Laurence
S22 P108 Democratic Innovation Within Political Parties: Do Party Reforms Appeal to Voters and Supporters? GAUJA, Anika
S22 P161 Civil Society, Deliberation and the Global Public Sphere: What Models of Climate Change Communication and Public Deliberation are Needed to Effectively Influence Climate Policymaking? KENT, Jennifer
S23 P486 Democratic Concerns First - From Digital Natives and Natives to Digital Democratic Citizens? OPPELT, Martin
S27 P149 Public Attitudes Towards an EU-Wide Social Benefit Scheme: Diverging Interests Within and Across EU Member States? BAUTE, Sharon
S27 P218 Unfinished Paradigm Change - The European Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Review in 2003 and Quantitative Easing HILGERS, Sven
S27 P291 Social Movements and the Transnational Transformation of Public Spheres BOURNE, Angela
S27 P315 Cultural Sources of Trust in the European Union KLEINER, Tuuli-Marja
S27 P344 To Politicize or De-Politicize EU Decision-Making: the Role of Inter-Institutional Agreements. BUNEA, Adriana
S27 P344 Technocracy and De-Politicization in the European Union: a Theoretical Approach MARCHETTI, Maria Cristina
S27 P410 Explaining Agents’ Deviation in Trilogue Negotiations LALOUX, Thomas
S29 P186 Evaluating EU Strategic Partnerships with Emerging Powers: Introducing a Framework to Reconstruct Problem Areas in Security Cooperation PIETZKO, Manuel
S29 P446 The Normative Power of the EU CFSP Between Rhetoric and Reality: Assessing the Impact and Enforcement of the EU Common Position on Arms Export Ten Years After its Entry into Force BONAIUTI, Chiara
S33 P205 Anti-Democratic Attitudes as a Challenge to Democracy SCHÄFER-NERLICH, Verena
S35 P182 Critical Analysis of Environmental Security in the Planetary Security Initiative HARDT, Judith Nora
S35 P297 New Tech Meritocracy or Old Guard? A Global Analysis of Participation in Transnational Internet Governance WINZEN, Thomas
S35 P385 Bringing Local Rights Concerns to the International Climate Negotiation Table SCHAPPER, Andrea
S35 P490 Inter-Organizational Relations, Institutional Interaction and ‘Institutional Complexity’ in Global Governance: Towards a Common Framework of Analysis OBERTHUER, Sebastian
S36 P422 Perception of Success: A New Evaluation of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations LANDWEHR. Jakob
S36 P422 What Can the International Peacebuilders Learn from Somaliland Peacebuilding Process? BIRRU, Jalale Getachew
S38 P332 Democratisation as Political Change KUMAR, Rajesh
S39 P145 “Solving Complex Problems”: an Empirical Enquiry into Narratives on Participation in Sustainability Research FRITZ, Livia
S42 P051 Measuring Outcomes of Reconciliation Initiatives in Transitional Periods LONERGAN, Kate
S48 P225 Amplifying Bias or Complementing Agendas? Agenda Congruence Between Interest Groups and Parties in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. STATSCH, Patrick
S48 P306 Examining Interest Groups’ Support for a Mandatory EU Transparency Register: the Importance of Access and Regulatory Experience BUNEA, Adriana
S49 P125 Economic Voting During the Economic Crisis: A Comparative Analysis NEZI, Roula
S49 P202 Making Up One’s Political Mind. Party Cues Vs. Self-Persuasion in the Brexit Referendum TRECHSEL, Alexander H.
S49 P321 The Media’s Role in the Construction of Gendered Political Leadership: A Case Study of Trump and Clinton HARMER, Emily
S49 P324 Activists’ Motivation Matters for Parties: Evidence from Three East Asian Democracies KOO, Sejin
S50 P024 Candidate Campaigns and Electoral Success in Comparative Perspective KARLSEN, Rune
S50P514 Are They Anything Like Us? Descriptive Representation and Issue Congruence in Modern Chile SAJURIA, Javier
S51 P096 A Conceptual History of Republicanism in Turkey TURNAOGLU, Banu
S51 P096 Against Interactional Domination. Why Domination is Structurally Constituted GÄDEKE, Dorothea
S51 P219 Institutional Integrity and Corruption DAVID-BARRETT, Elizabeth
S51 P434 Urban Autonomy and Urban Democracy: Tensions and Compatibility BARAK, Nir
S55 P398 Networks of Labour Activism and Transnational Political Sociology ZAJAK, Sabrina
S56 P091 Violence, Performativity, and the Antagonistic Reproduction of Space HUSSEY, Gary
S56 P511 Deepening the Explanation of Radical Flank Effects: Tracing Contingent Outcomes of Combining Violent and Non-Violent Protest Tactics ELLEFSEN, Rune
S57 P223 The Role of Meso-Order in the Reform of Biomedical Sector VÉZIAN, Audrey
S60 P070 Strategies for Managing Marine Protected Areas and Their Implications to SDG14 in Pacific Small Island States KOBAYASHI, Masanori
S60 P193 A Ring of Friends or the Near Abroad? Ukraine In-Between the European Union and the Russian Federation DE DEUGD, Nienke
S61 P388 The Post-Secular and the Papacy BARBATO, Mariano
S61 P388 From Secularism to Shared Values: Muslim Politics in France and Quebec VUORISTO, Kaisa
S64 P265 Geopolitics of Migratory Controls, Police Geographies and Resistances in Madrid City SANTAMARINA, Ana
S64 P384 Mobilising for Change: Syriza’s and Podemos’ Narratives of EU Austerity KUTTER, Amelie
S69 P064 Climate Change Risks and Compensation for Adaptation and L&D KOVNER, Nimrod
S70 P046 The Use of Surveys in Political Research: a Meta-Analysis ANGHELESCU, Gina
S72 P247 The Margins of Citizenship Education in Systems with a 'Broken Ladder'. Status Inequality and Democratic Outcomes of 10th Grade Students in Flanders KAVADIAS, Dimokritos
S72 P472 Opinion Polarisation, Ideological Extremism, and Protest Behaviour KLEINER, Tuuli-Marja
S73 P196 Social Background, Competencies, and Politicization in Civil Servant Careers SCHOLZ, Simon
S73 P328 Can Street Level Theory Explain the Implementation Deficit of an Ecosystem Approach Regime: a Case Study from Within an English UNESCO Biosphere Reserve KIRSOP-TAYLOR, Nick
S78 P371 Beyond the Left-Right Dimension? The Impact of European Integration on West European Voting Preferences CARRIERI, Luca
S78 P371 Social Resentment and Political Cynical-Populist Attitudes ABTS, Koen

The following Papers have moved Panels




S08 P018 S08 P263 Politics of Artistic Activism and Patterns of Influence in Illiberal Settings
S08 P018 S08 P263 Politics of Sound: Walter Benjamin’s Encounter with Dziga Vertov’s Enthusiasm
S04 P157 S04 P283 A Survey Experiment on the Contents and Understanding of the Left-Right Dimension
S10 P504 S10 P300 Corporate Gender Quotas in Spain: Resisting Change, Challenging Resistance
S10 P504 S10 P300 Revisiting Political Inequality: How Work-Family Reconciliation Policies Shape the Gender Gap in Politics
S22 P161 S22 P107 Enhancing Citizen Participation Through Democratic Innovation: The Case of “Ahora Madrid” at Madrid City Hall
S22 P161 S22 P156 Political Translation: How Deliberative Democracies Survive
S35 P028 S35 P490 Consistency, Efficiency or Triumph of the Right Norms – What is the (Implicit) Ideal in the Literature on Regime Complexity, Fragmentation, and Norm Contestation?
S39 P509 S39 P145 The Authority of Peer Reviews Among States - Evidence from the UN, the OECD, the WTO, and the Council of Europe
S39 P509 S39 P145 Translating Global Social Policy Knowledge: How Numerical Technologies Construct Universality
S46 P061 S24 P397 Black-Out Concerns Against Markets: Capacity Mechanisms in European Electricity Markets
S49 P324 S03 P006 Legal Mobilization of Welfare Recipients in Switzerland and Implicit Policy Making of the Courts
S50 P514 S50 P081 Measuring Populism with Surveys
S56 P511 S56 P091 Violent Civil Resistance
S56 P511 S56 P176 Studying Political Violence Through Counter Cases: Why Has There Been So Little Political Violence in Post-War Finland?

S57 P304

S57 P396

Beyond Technocracy: Politics and Policies of Knowledge and Innovation in Times of Populism

S74 P093 S74 P168 'This is How it Goes': Why Does Israel Not Solve its Corruption Problems?

The following Paper titles have changed




S07 P502 Challenge to Power: Comparing Opposition Chancellor Candidates in Germany and Austria Challenge to Power: Opposition Chancellor Candidates in Germany and Austria Compared
S07 P248 The Study of Accountability as Contestation - Towards a Substantive Definition Accountability as Contestation: An Interactionist Approach to the Study of Public Accountability

S11 P382

Legal Dispositions and Legal Inclusiveness in the UK – Parallels and Overlap between Charity, Party and Lobby Law

Political Party Juridification in European Democracies

S13 P128 Party Systems and Political Competition at the Local Level What Drives the Nationalization of Local Party Manifestos?
S14 P077 Hermann Heller, Socialism and Militant Democracy We are all (Democratic) Proceduralists Now. Or maybe Not
S27 P444 Who Are More Active? The Evaluation of Member States’ Participation in the BRI with Event Data Status Quo or Revisionist? Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Role of the BRI in the Global Order
S28 P188 A Holistic Relational Model for Studying Local Approaches to Reception and Integration of Refugees and Asylum Seekers Comprehensive Relational Model for the Study of Local Responses to the Arrival and Settlement of Forced Migrants
S33 P415 The Role of Prisons in the Construction and Re-Construction of Identity: The Case of Dersim Competition Over Dersim’s Collective Identity in the Turkish Diaspora
S39 P355 Brexit Impact Assessments in the European Union and the United Kingdom. A Meta-Analysis. The Knowledge behind Brexit. A Descriptive Bibliographic Analysis of Brexit Impact Studies in the United Kingdom and the European Union
S45 P515 Mapping the Voting Advice Application Studies: A Literature Review Differentiating Distinctive Fields in the Studey of Voting Advice Applications Mapping the Voting Advice Application Literature: A Scoping Review Differentiating Distinctive Fields in the Study of Voting Advice Applications
S55 P473 The Political Career of Swiss MPs: Still a Predominance of the Unidirectional Model? Political Careers in Switzerland: Questioning the Unidirectional Model
S56 P442 The Protest-Repression Nexus: How Movement-Internal Cultural Dynamics Affect Responses – And Resilience – To Repression Facing Repression with Silence: How a Movement’s Cultural Dynamics affect Responses – and Resilience – to Repression
S62 P251 Norm Meanings, Ethics, and the Global Governance of the Cyber Domain The Meaning(s) of Norms in a Post-Hegemonic World: Bringing Ambiguity and Polysemy into Global Governance Research
S64 P384 Revival of Left-Wing Anti-Integrationism and its Impact on Transnational Party Cooperation: The Case of SYRIZA, Bloco and Podemos A New Type of Left-Wing Euroscepticism: Bloco’s ‘Disobedient’ Position
S69 P063 Solar Radiation Management and the Right to Sustainable Development A Moral Assessment of the Available Alternatives to Weak Mitigation Ambition
S69 P063 Non-Ideal Justice and Second-Best Climate Policy Envisaging Just and Feasible Climate Futures
S74 P488 When Frying ‘Big Fish’ is Not Enough: Introducing Perceived Corruption in the Peruvian Case The Politics of the Anti-Corruption Policies in the ‘Lava Jato’ Era: When Frying ‘Big Fish’ is not Enough
S75 P440 India’s Trade Policies in Times of Hindu Nationalism A Window of Opportunity: How the Reinterpretation of a Partnership led to the U.S. – India Civil Nuclear Agreement


The following Paper Presenters have been changed/added




S01 P008 Civic Education and the Social Transformation of Citizenship: A Franco-German Comparison SZUKALA, Andrea
S19 P405 The Interpretive Pillar of Deliberative Policy Analysis DURNOVA, Anna
S28 P188 Pushing for Participation: The Role of Local Authorities in Shaping Civic Integration in the Netherlands LEENDERS, Emma
S31 P256 Are Mayors in the Post-NPM Era? Political Leadership and Administrative Reforms in European Cities PANO, Esther
S33 P142 The EU as a Saviour and a Saint? Corruption and Public Support for EU Cohesion BAUHR, Monika
S61 P272 Polish Catholic Actors and Policy-Reforms Under the PiS-Government: Approaches to Migration and Abortion MEYER RESENDE, Madalena
S74 P167 Anti-Corruption Interventions in Public Procurement: Is Corruption Reduced or Merely Displaced? FAZEKAS, Mihaly

S78 P208

A Renewal of Religious Voting? Immigrants as Political Actors


The following Panel Chairs have been changed/added




S13 P189 Governing and Reforming Multilevel Institutions FABRE, Elodie
Queen's University Belfast
S15  P493 Traces of Multiple Belongings: Social Movement and Trade Union Participation SEBASTIÃO, Dina
University of Coimbra
S17 P370 Radicalism and Immigration: Strategies and Consequences SEGERS, Iris
Universitetet i Oslo
S33 P415 Social Movements and Mobilization of Political Identities

Sciences Po Paris

SUROVA, Svetluša
Department of Political Science, Comenius University Faculty of Arts

S41 P307 Parliaments and Coalition Government KLÜVER, Heike
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

S41 P455

The Internal Organisation of Legislatures

University of Florida

S49 P323 Persepectives on Inequality GOUBIN, Silke
University of Leuven
S51 P434 The City in Political Theory DE SHALIT, Avner
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
S55 P473 The Political Recruitment in Multilevel European Democracies PILOTTI, Andrea
Université de Lausanne
S73 P438 The Determinants of Portfolio Structures in Europe

JAMES, Oliver
University of Exeter

The following Panel Co-Chairs have been changed/added




S33 P415

Social Movements and Mobilization of Political Identities

SUROVA, Svetluša
Department of Political Science, Comenius University Faculty of Arts

The following Panel Discussants have been changed/added




S01 P330 Political Awareness and Active Citizenship OLSON, Maria
Stockholm University
S04 P528 Electoral Institutions, Incentives and Party Structure CALCA, Patrícia
Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia – CIES-IUL
S13 P189 Governing and Reforming Multilevel Institutions FABRE, Elodie
Queen's University Belfast
S17 P370 Radicalism and Immigration: Strategies and Consequences

Universitetet i Oslo

GANESH, Bharath
University of Oxford

S35 P182 Global Governance Responses to Climate Security Risks

DELLMUTH, Lisa Maria
Stockholm University

SCOTT, Shirley

S39 P145 EU, Technocracy and Use of Evidence KREUDER-SONNEN, Christian
WZB Berlin Social Science Center
S41 P221 Institutions and Parliamentary Careers

BAILER, Stefanie
University of Basel

Aarhus Universitet

S41 P307 Parliaments and Coalition Government WILLUMSEN, David
University of Innsbruck
S64 P150 Euroscepticism in Southern Europe: Mapping Change During the Crisis EXADAKTYLOS, Theofanis
University of Surrey
S65 P423 Taxation in Developing Countries ZULUAGA, Paula
European University Institute
S73 P438 The Determinants of Portfolio Structures in Europe

JAMES, Oliver
University of Exeter

Universiteit Antwerpen

S74 P168 Frames, Narrative and Interpretations of Corruption and Integrity VARRAICH, Aiysha
University of Gothenburg
S78 P371 Realignment and the Surge of the Radical Right HARTEVELD, Eelco
University of Amsterdam
S78 P336 Political Leaders and Election Campaigns PARTHEYMÜLLER, Julia
University of Vienna 

The following Co-Authors have been added




S01 P330 The Political Identification and Awareness of Young People OLSON, Maria
Stockholm University

S11 P382

Political Party Juridification in European Democracies

GAUJA, Annika
University of Sydney

University of Exeter

S27 P320 Crises, Dissention and Socialization: How Do European Crises Impact on the Socialization in the Political and Security Committee of the EU? DANIELSON, Angust
Uppsala Universitet
S41 P275 Factors of Success in Candidate Selection. Political Capital, Political Attitudes and Non-Political Resources of Candidates for the German Bundestag in 2017 HELLMANN, Daniel
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
S48 P229 Representing the Public? How Organisational Features Affect the Likelihood of Policy Congruence Between Organised Interests and Citizen Preferences DE BRUYCKER, Iskander
Universiteit Antwerpen
S49 P264 Publication Bias in Qualitative Comparative Analysis SCHWALBACH, Jan
University of Cologne
S50 P310 Realignment in European Party Systems DALTON, Russell
University of California, Irvine

The following participants have changed institution




RABITZ, Florian Vrije Universiteit Brussel Kaunas University of Technology
VAN RYZIN, Gregg Independent Scholar Rutgers University

These meetings have been changed/added




Reception - West European Politics, sponsored by Routledge, Taylor & Francis   Friday 24 August 12:40-14:00
Exhibition tent
Research Network on Voting Advice Applications

Friday 24 August 12:40-14:00
VMP 5, Room 2067

Friday 24 August 16:00-17:20
VMP 5, Room 2067
Standing Group on Elites and Political Leadership Friday 24 August 12:40-14:00
VMP 5, Room 2054
Saturday 25 August 12:40-14:00
VMP 5, Room 2054
Standing Group on the Politics of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation Friday 24 August 12:40-14:00
VMP 5, Room 2101/2105
Friday 24 August 12:40-14:00
VMP 5, Room 0029
CLAIMS Project Meeting   Friday 24 August 16:00-17:30
VMP 8, Room 209
SCoRE planning session   Friday 24 August 16:00-17:30
VMP 9, Room A316
Standing Group on Elites and Political Leadership Friday 24 August 12:40-14:00
VMP 5, Room 0029
Saturday 25 August 12:40-14:00
VMP 5, Room 0029