ECPR Winter School
University of Bamberg, Bamberg
26 February - 4 March 2016


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WA101Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences: A Pluralistic FrameworkRobert Adcock View Course Details
WA102 Programming in the Social Sciences: Web Scraping, Social Media, and New (Big) Data with PythonHolger Döring View Course Details
WA103 Programming in LaTeX for Social Scientific Document PreparationConstantin Manuel Bosancianu View Course Details
WA104Introduction to R - FULLY BOOKED contact to be added to a waiting listFlorian Weiler, Thorsten Schnapp View Course Details
WA105 Introduction to STATAKerstin Hoenig View Course Details
WA106Introduction to SPSSFlorian Meinfelder View Course Details
WA107Introduction to z-Tree, a Software Package for Designing and Implementing Laboratory ExperimentsStefan Palan View Course Details
WA109 Combining Data from Different Sources: Different Techniques, Different WorldsSusanne Rässler View Course Details
WA110Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.tiJohannes Starkbaum View Course Details
WA111Introduction to NVivo for Qualitative Data AnalysisMarie-Hélène Paré View Course Details
WA112Introduction to MAXQDA a Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data Analysis SoftwareFrancisco Freitas View Course Details
WB101Research Design FundamentalsSamo Kropivnik View Course Details
WB102 Comparative Research Designs - FULLY BOOKED contact to be added to a waiting listBenoît Rihoux View Course Details
WB103 Historical Methods for Social ScientistsRobert Adcock View Course Details
WB104 Introduction to Qualitative Interpretive MethodsMarie Østergaard Møller View Course Details
WB105Experimental MethodsStefan Palan View Course Details
WB106 Introduction to Statistics for Political and Social ScientistsFlorian Weiler View Course Details
WB107 Game Theory for Social ScientistsFlorence So View Course Details
WC101 Qualitative InterviewingLea Sgier View Course Details
WC102Focus Groups – From Qualitative Data Generation to AnalysisVirginie Van Ingelgom View Course Details
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