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A01Introduction to SPSS - Gregor PetricGregor Petrič View Course Details
A02Introduction to R - Andrej BlejecAndrej Blejec View Course Details
A03Linear Algebra and Calculus - Anton CedilnikAnton CEDILNIK View Course Details
A04Basics of Inferential Statistics for Political Scientists - Janez StareJanez Stare View Course Details
A05Introduction to STATA Training Course - Anže BurgerAnže Burger View Course Details
B01Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Comparative Crossnational Surveys Data - Bruno CautrèsBruno Cautrès View Course Details
B03Case Study Research: Method and Practice - Ingo RohlfingIngo Rohlfing View Course Details
B04Event History and Survival Analysis - Janez StareJanez Stare View Course Details
B05Set-Theoretic Methods: Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Related Approaches - Carsten Schneider and Patrick MelloCarsten Q. Schneider, Patrick A. Mello View Course Details
B07Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling - Jochen MayerlJochen Mayerl View Course Details
B08Advanced Topics in Applied Regression - Levi LittvayLevente Littvay View Course Details
B09Multiple Regression Analysis and Generalised Linear Modelling - Bernhard Kittel week 1 & Federico Vegetti week 2Federico Vegetti View Course Details
B11Analysing Discourse I and II – Analysing Politics: Theories, Methods and Applications- Michał Krzyżanowski  View Course Details
C01Research Designs - Samo KropivnikSamo Kropivnik View Course Details
C02Multiple Regression Analysis: Estimation, Diagnostics and Modelling - Bernhard KittelBernhard Kittel View Course Details
C03Analysing Discourse I – Analysing Politics: Theories, Methods and Applications - Michał Krzyżanowski  View Course Details
C04Expert Interviews for Qualitative Data Generation - Alenka JelenAlenka Jelen-Sanchez View Course Details
C05Process Tracing Methodology I – Foundations and Design - Rasmus Brun PedersenRasmus Brun Pedersen View Course Details
C07Issues in Political, Policy, and Organizational Ethnography - Dvora YanowDvora Yanow View Course Details
C09Advanced Topics in Applied Regression I: Assumptions, Extrapolation and Hetrogeneity - Levi LittvayLevente Littvay View Course Details
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